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5 Uncommon Pointers to Build an Optimized Magento Store

Are you plagued by the inability to create perfectly synchronized PHP software synthesis for an optimized Magento store? Then sadly you are not alone! While it may seem like there are thousands of points available in different articles all over the world wide web, it is actually a risky domain to venture.

Using an online e-commerce store such as Magento is a difficult platform to deal with. And that is a globally acclaimed situation. However, there are simple and creative techniques to build Magento store which checks out with all situations.

Learn how you can use some of the most uncommon factors to create a Magento store which is perfectly organized!

Now before you start learning all about the uncommon tricks, here are some of the basic information that always come in handy:

  • Page loading is a serious issue

Did you know, if your e-commerce website lags for even a second, you can lose approximately 25% of overall annual sales? This figure does not seem like much does it?

Now let us put this percentage to a practical scenario:

Supposedly there is a company making 100000 dollars daily and somehow their page starts loading 1 second slower than usual, then going by the percentage, a total of 2.5 billion dollars are going to be lost in sales.

So, one small technical lag can hamper the business to many folds!

  • Magento is popular

Magento is not the only option. There are other similar software available such as the WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, and many more. However, magento is the most popular among all of these due to its versatile nature. Users claim that it serves their purpose well.

Not only is magento popular for its variable structure. In fact, the mobile commerce set up is exceptional!

So, if you are setting up your e-commerce platform, then why not choose this widely popular software? Like you many other developers choose to run their businesses on this software programme.

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Looking at the popularity of magento, you must be sure about the usage. However, coming back to a business perspective, this software, like all kinds of applications has to be optimized from time to time.

Without the correct level of software optimization, pages are going to loose their effectiveness and hence will fetch bad business. It will incur losses and many times stop progressive growth phase of your business!

That is something to think about. Isn’t it?

1.Optimization of magento

As a business developer, you are probably well aware of the benefits of using a widely popular software. Along with that you are also concerned about churning better profit deals. The only hindrance that you may face from time to time is on slow optimization.

No matter how many times you perform a research, the common methods of optimization comes back as result. But magento is not just another software!

If you are going to build a business base, then you need to be certain of the techniques which are pretty uncommon. These optimization secrets are going to give your business a boost like you have never seen before!


Enable inbuilt cache management system. Pages are better optimized if the cache management is enable. It improves speed of the pages and helps them to load faster without any form of lag.

The management can be cached in the following manner –

Go to systems then click on to cache management.

Make the required changes by clicking on APC then Varnish followed by NGINX and Memcache.

By following the exact command route, you can easily turn the cache settings to a preferable speed of magento.


Retrieving data is done by indexing. This is the ultimate optimization trick that you should apply. Reindex helps magento by keeping data up to date. That way, the date is filtered with changing prices, discount values and even the total cart value. Without this management system, the values are manually calculated in magento. Which of course means pages load slower and or there are glitches.

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Slow loading of prices also triggers customers to abandon their cart and quitting on the e-commerce platform altogether. Thus, it is a great matter of concern for any e-commerce site owner. To avoid such magento issues, reindexing is the perfect by solution.

Manual indexing is also a probable solution that you can adopt. So here is how you can manually index magento –

Start by going to the systems followed by index management. This way, you are going to find reindex data where you simply need to click submit. All the rest will be taken care of!

4.Irrelevant extensions – goodbye!

You might not have even considered this as an uncommon point did you? However, this is one of the most ignored segment that can boost up the speed of magento store.

What you are honestly missing out on are the CSS sheets and JavaScript files along with HTTP requests. These extra running extensions bring down the speed of a magento website almost instantly! It effects on the loading of pages and are necessary most of the time. Thus, to avoid such issues further in the future, all that you need to do is carefully examine the extensions that you are downloading and using.

Remove any unwanted irrelevant extension to cut back on the loading time as well as disable modules in the magento store.

The process of disabling modules is by first visiting the magento store and then going forward with the configurations. After that go to advanced settings and click on the disable section. Save the configuration and analyze once how the loading speed of the website has changed!

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5.Magento logs

The bestselling logs are often saved. So simply start clearing that junk from time to time! The large data base for information channelizes a longer loading time for the entire website.

You need not worry about the time period as you can set up a specific number of days to renew and clear the log. That can be done by getting through with settings such as visiting the store. After clicking on the store button, go to configuration. Select advanced system and then click on log. Assign the particular number of log day and save it. Within the set duration, data will be automatically cleaned.

Hence, no extra effort from your end!

Keep the latest version in order to avoid all forms of bug infestation that might lower page loading rate.

Follow these most uncommon ground pointers and the magento store will be sorted. Better loading of pages means only one thing – better business profits!

To build an optimized magento store you have to hire magento web development company for a better store.

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