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6 Awful Writing Mistakes to Get Your Guest Posts Rejected

If you’ve been experiencing a constant slew of rejections from the sites you send guest post submissions to, then there’s a definitely a problem.

For some cases, it’s the site’s problem. But unfortunately for a lot of contributors, problems often arise from your end. We have to face the truth that we are more prone to committing awful writing mistakes that get our guest posts rejected than we thought.

Why does writing quality content matter?

Who wouldn’t want to read high-quality content?

As a professional, if you had to choose between reading two technical SEO articles, would you pick the barely researched hardly comprehensible one? Or the detailed, step-by-step, fact-rich article.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one most of us would choose. The readers would most likely flock to the latter, wouldn’t they?

In the first place, you’re researching articles and reading them because you want something. You need a grain information to help you in whatever task you’re up to, at the moment. And if one article you stumble on just isn’t giving you the outcomes you want, then you definitely wouldn’t continue reading that article, right?

It’s that same line of thinking that goes through editors’ minds in the sites that you guest post for… They each have readers that constantly look forward to excellently written content. And since their main goal is to please and retain their audience, then of course they wouldn’t bother accepting content that doesn’t meet their standards.

Other reasons why high-quality content matters is because:

It builds trust and credibility: It doesn’t just do it for the site, that benefit of trust and confidence goes to you as well — as the author of a particular work.

High-quality is a ranking factor: Let’s be honest. Everybody wants position zero on the search engine rankings. And by now, it’s common knowledge that if you want to get there and keep that ranking, you have to constantly produce top-notch quality content. It’s a ranking factor along with site speed.

They’re just more delightful to read: It’s plain and simple as that. There’s no reason to squint or scratch your head wondering what a particular sentence meant.

The following awful writing mistakes that we’ll discuss today aren’t necessarily causes for outright rejection. But refusing a piece of content from a contributor happens because of three or more offenses detailed here.

Awful Writing Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

Don’t take it the wrong way when your guest post submissions are rejected. Sites who are open to accepting guest posts love receiving them (because why would they let you know that they’re open for guest posting if it were otherwise).

It’s just a sign for you to practice more and write better so the same incident doesn’t happen for the rest of your career.

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1 Ignore guest posting guidelines

Blogging sites have guest posting guidelines for a reason…

They exist because the team managing the site wants you to read them carefully, and comply…

Also, when a blogger goes through the trouble of writing guest post rules for contributors to follow, at least have the decency and be polite enough to try and follow it.

You’re the one asking for a favor in this situation, aren’t you?

It’s refreshing to see contributors paying attention to what you require, and making the effort to outfit their articles to the tone and voice of your blog. On the other hand, it’s absolutely frustrating for blog site owners to come across contributors that are aware of the guidelines (because it’s plainly there), and still make zero attempts to conform.

It all boils down to being respectful and thorough in your research.

2 Atrociousgrammar

English isn’t everybody’s first language — to be fair.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that English is the universal language, and it’s the language mostly used to communicate online. That goes for your email campaigns, your SEO efforts, your social media marketing, and — of course — you’re content writing.

Sharing information across many sources is not just for earning backlinks. It’s all about sharing knowledge and providing valuable content that people can benefit from. And because the rest of the world is not about to adjust for you, it’s your job to make up for what you lack.

Don’t be discouraged if you deem your own English grammar as not-so-good. The cheat here is to use excellent grammar-checking software to ensure your write-up quality. There are tons of them online. Here are just a few of them:

Grammarly: Probably the most popular of all. It’s a browser addon for a lot of browsers.

Ginger: Another spelling and grammar checker offered as an addon for your browser.

Hemingway: A web-based text editor that checks your article’s web readability.

Jetpack: This one’s a WordPress plugin. It’s core features include adding the proofreading option for the WordPress post editor.

Still, keep in mind that these tools won’t excuse terrible content. Use them for extra improvement and as a guide.

3 Failure to deliver on your pitch

You can’t blame a blog editor for having certain expectations. These are brought on by the blog site’s own standards, and the contributor’s awesome pitch.

Impressing the site you want to guest post for with a great pitch are one of the keys to receiving the wanted green light But as a contributor, you have another responsibility…

And that is to ensure that the write-up is as good as you claimed. It’s as exceptional as the editor has imagined it to be. The article discusses all the crucial points in perfect detail and is as comprehensible as it should be.

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It’s disheartening to know when you’ve fallen short of the expectations, but that doesn’t mean a rejection right away — often.

Most editors like to give contributors a chance. They either suggest some revisions that you should follow, or ask for other facts that would add more meat to the write-up. On your end, you could either comply or lose your chance for a guest post.

4 Not a keyword in sight

Guest posting offers a double-edged advantage. One is for providing relevant and valuable content to every reader out there. The other is to earn backlinks and rank for search results on search engines.

Need I say that the importance for having and emphasizing keywords is crucial to the latter? Keywords and keyword research is also important to have, because you want to reach the right people — your qualified audience, don’t you?

Awesome content is useless when nobody sees it.

5 Obviously flimsy research

Made up stuff is only appreciated when a write-up is fictional…
But if it’s a how-to guide, an expert’s opinion piece, or a case study, poor research is a huge no-no.

Getting the facts straight is crucial for your audience. They vary — from leaders in the industry to beginners, and if you’re purpose is to inform and educate them, your post doesn’t have any relevance when it’s awfully researched.

The need for research is even more apparent when your target audience are professionals and experienced people. They’re highly likely to sniff unworthy statements and content from a mile away.

An easy technique is to avoid topics that you know you’re not well-versed in. You can come back to them later, when you know more. But it’s also unavoidable to have a topic that’s extremely current and trendy that you just can’t ignore it or put it off. And in cases like this, the answer is simple.

Do your research. And tons of it. Seek out experts’ advice too, and learn and understand as much as you can. It’s all so you don’t end up rambling about stuff that you have no idea about.

If instances like these are glaringly obvious, then your write-up won’t get published anyway. But on the off chance that it does, you just might receive comments from the target audience telling you that you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

6 Lazy proofreading and editing

If you’re going to contribute something, offer up something excellent that either meets the editor’s expectations or surpasses it for the better.

Because if there’s anything that most busy editors detest, having to edit too much or completely rewrite a contribution is definitely on that list. Keep in mind that these people are busy — like you. They divide their time evenly as much as they can, and try to be as accommodating as possible.

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But guest post articles that contain a load of errors can take up valuable time fixing. As a contributor, understand that they just can’t spare extra time they’ve committed to something else. So, rest assured that your efforts for meticulous proofreading is definitely welcome and much appreciated.

It might even land you in a particular blog’s good graces if you do…

The Takeaway: A Word of Advice

People value guest posts because they can be great sources of information and it helps your spot on the search engine rankings increase. And because of the advantages that guest posts bring, it’s a no brainer why a lot of marketers and professionals want to do it.

But like all things, there’s a proper way to doing things. Site owners prioritize the quality over the quantity. And if you want the benefits that guest posts bring, then there’s no point in submitting guest posts haphazardly, is there?

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a keen attention for detail, following through with what you pitched, adding value in authentic ways, and following the painstakingly put together guidelines.

Guest post rejections aren’t the end of the road. It’s just a sign that you have to practice more, write better, research more thoroughly, and further your learning some more.


Al Gomez is a digital marketing consultant. He is the President of Dlinkers, and he specializes in SEO, PPC, & web development since 2008. Al has over 10 years’ client digital marketing experience and has helped businesses such as Dr. Berg, Patexia, Panel Wall Art, the Ritz Carlton, and countless others use the web to drive online visibility and generate leads. He has even started, developed, and managed an e-commerce website — Unlideals.com and an SEO website, Alseoperth.com.

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