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Adsmyway Ads Network Review; Is It Worth Using?

Today’s post will be focusing on Adsmyway ads network, reviews and if this ads network is worth giving a try or not (Scam or Legit Review).

Yes, today we have so many ads network out there and fortunately, Adsmyway is one of them. Adsmyway is a self serve advertising and publishing platform. That is to say they serve both advertisers and publishers looking for means to earn much money with their blogs.

According to Whois report, it was said that adsmyway domain was registered in 2016 under godaddy domain registrar but going deep down our research, it was found that the domain was left untouched for sometime until 2018.

Whois report of

The domain was then used for creation of an ads network which is what we are talking about in this post.

Adsmyway claim to provide the platform to power innovations from creative minds, inventing and innovating new technologies products and services across Africa.

Features of Adsmyway

Before making this feature, we’ve already gone through some processes in adsmyway which includes the registration process and that is what we are going to tell you;

• Easy registration process
• Managing advertising agents
• Available tools for account management
• Customer support button on dashboard

Why You Shouldn’t Consider Using Adsmyway Presently

Now here comes why we highly don’t want anyone to make use of adsmyway advert network currently.

Although with the features in adsmyway, we still don’t recommend it to anyone seeking or looking for Google AdSense alternative.

Below are reasons we highly don’t recommend adsmyway to any blogger or webmaster;

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• The site looks unresponsive:
Adsmyway wasn’t designed properly to fit in to all browsers and devices. Those making use of mobile for registration will need to zoom in well to get or read some information they need before carrying out the registration involved.

• Insecurity (SSL):
Any advertiser who wish to make use of adsmyway for running adverts is taking a huge risk. In order to fund your advertiser’s account, you’ll need to use your credit card, master card or Visa card. With the insecurity on adsmyway, your details are at risk and vulnerable to be stolen by online cyber hackers.

• Complicated dashboard:
The overall dashboard of adsmyway is scattered and not properly arranged. Overall, adsmyway looks so weak and wouldn’t last long from our observation.

• No Positive Review:
Adsmyway has no positive review about them both from individual and Google search. Meaning that they’ve been rendering poor services to both advertisers and publishers.

• No Specified Payment Methods:
One feature of an ads network is showing the different payment methods which their publishers would collect their earnings. It wasn’t specified in adsmyway and it is very bad of them.

• No Payment Threshold:
No minimum threshold was shown on adsmyway. Meaning publishers should expect whatever they see on their dashboard coupled with whenever they wish or want to pay them.

From a lot of observations we got concerning Adsmyway, it is clearly shown that adsmyway is here to stay temporary probably to gain some traffic, make use of the traffic and then close up.

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We wouldn’t want anyone both advertisers and publishers to make use of adsmyway now until the admin of the site reconstruct his site totally starting from appearance down to payments.

Our work is not only giving blogging tutorials, but also trying to keep everyone safe online.

What is your pick concerning adsmyway?
Should bloggers make use of it or not? Feel free to share below!!!!

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