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Ayboll Ads Network Review; Double Your Monthly Income

Have you heard of Ayboll Ads network? Well the post for today will lead you through Ayboll ads network review and if it is worth joining.
Ayboll ads network is one of genuine ad serving advertisement network.

All can use it including publishers, bloggers and brands to get more value from their online content without covering it in unseemly banners. This ad network widget allows publishers to create multiple widgets for multiple domains in under 3 minutes using a unique self-serve tool (without any annoying pre-approval processes just like other ads network).

The type of ads displayed by Ayboll is a native ads which gives site owners the opportunity to generate money from their traffic but have in mind that the monetization method is just like that of other ads network which is you get paid whenever a visitor takes action.

Just a short code generated from your Ayboll dashboard will display some native ads which changes from time to time so as to appeal to your visitors.

Ayboll is continually adding new ad campaign and campaigns to their network all the time… as the more you earn, the more they earn as well.

How to Join Ayboll Ads Network

The concept of joining this ads network is just like that of others, that is by way of signing up. Yes, to join ayboll ads network follow these:

You need to visit Ayboll and click on Sign Up.

After signing up on Ayboll, you can access your dashboard. Just select my widget option and fill the details there. What you’ll get to see there is just like this below:

When adding your sites and create your ad block, you can choose between Safe, Moderate and 18+ ads to appear on your site. You can also decide to set your own size option, twerk the widget in a way you’d like it to be.

Sample of An Ayboll Widget

Then save and copy the script which will be given to you and place anywhere you want your Ads to Display.

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Explanation Of What Some Section Does

The dashboard gives an overview of your estimated earnings. This page provides reports such as today’s revenue, yesterday’s revenue, revenue this month and revenue last month and also provide some filtration, current balance, withdrawable balance etc.

My Widgets:
This page shows all your widgets lined up one after the other along with the necessary details of the widget. You can directly edit, delete and get codes for the widgets from this page. And you can also create new ones.

Revenue Summary:
The revenue summary page allows you to analyze and check your earnings by days, websites, widgets, country and platform. The page provides various other calculations including CTR, Clicks, CPC, RPM and revenue. Thus, with the help of this page you can analyze the individual performance of each widget, days and more.

Ayboll Payment Details

We all need to have in mind that Ayboll deal on CPC and Native Ads commission type and their minimum payment method is $100.

So to cash out from your Ayboll account, you must hit the target which is $100.

What about how to receive your earnings?

Well Ayboll sends you your payment through two means and that is PayPal or Skrill. And for those who want to use Bank, it is also allowed but the recommended payment method is using PayPal.

Now for those who are already enjoying Ayboll but facing issues on one thing or the other, here is the support mail to reach them and get an instant reply [].

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If you have an entertainment or general blog with a lot of traffic, I’ll recommend Ayboll because your performance would be pretty awesome due to the type of ads they have and the high click through rates across the board.

But bear in mind that your earn more whenever a visitor takes action. Your eCPM for a single click with much traffic can earn you alot.

Why not give Ayboll a try…..
Don’t forget to drop your complaint or your review on Ayboll.

Have a blissful day!!!!

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