Best Way To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

We all know how frustrating it is while waiting for a web page to load for some series of time. According to recent survey, about 30% of people quit websites because of long loading period.

This also have a great effect on such websites abandoned while loading. How?
Increase in bounce rate.

It is good for webmasters to know that google also make use of website performance and speed in ranking. So website speed really matters once you have an online presence and you really want to have daily unique visitors to your webpage.

So, if you’re really interested in boosting the speed of your website, getting better rankings on Google, and bringing in more visitors to your website, then this article is just for you.

I know you’re currently thinking on how you can achieve that since some of us here are not good or certified webmasters. Don’t panick because it just involve little knowledge to get your work done.

Why Web Speed Is Important

If you’re like most website owners out there, you probably read a lot about SEO strategies, but try to avoid experimenting with new techniques because you’re afraid it might damage your website and bring about blacklisting by Google. What you fail to realize is that when you don’t try to optimize your website, it hurts your website rankings even more.

Thousands of new WordPress websites and blogs are created day by day and the chances of another website taking your top spot on Google increases each and every minute. The only way to stay on top of Google is to try each and every website optimization technique you can think of to make your site bulletproof against your competition.

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What You Should Do To Improve Your Website Performance.

• Monitor The Current Speed of Your Website:
Before embarking on a journey to optimize your website, you have to monitor your current website speed, analyze your web page performance and notice the average page load time. For me, I personally use the PageSpeed Insight by Google to monitor my performance. Maybe you too can fall inlove with the tool too because it’ll won’t only give you result but also tips to increase your previous performance.

• Use a Faster Web Host:
People easily get distracted by the low prices, cheap tricks, and the brilliant marketing of certain web hosting providers and choose a hosting plan that offers poor server resources, which results in slow website performance.

Tip: If you want to run on WordPress but you are of less capital to get a better host, I personally will advice you to stick on Blogger platform and not to fall into cheap and Jecky hosting plans.

We are not condemning those plans offered by such hosting company but to get what you want in terms of speed, go for a better plan. I recommend NameCheap

• Compress Your Images:
It’s a known fact that images improve the readability and the user engagement rate of an article. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is exactly why we fill our websites and each blog post on our WordPress blogs with lots of images.

However, these images are also one of the main culprits that slow your website down. If you could find a way to optimize these images you may be able to save a few megabytes off your total page size.

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Using fewer images is not the solution. You need those images. The solution is optimizing the images and compressing them into a smaller size.

I use WpSmush in compressing images in my WordPress site. This plugin automatically compress images on upload to my site. Use it and enjoy it, it is a free plugin.

• Implement AMP:
I’ve seen tons of posts made by bloggers who are against the use of AMP. But actually I do take them as those who don’t utilize it very well. AMP is a great tool such that Yoast too comes with a Glued AMP with it for better search rankings.

Some are lost already about AMP. AMP is a short form for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is an open-source project that revolutionized the way we browse websites on mobile devices. The websites that use this technology have web pages that load instantly without any page loading delays what so ever.

Usually, implementing this tool is no job for a beginner. But, for WordPress users, there’s a plugin for that! The official AMP plugin developed by Automattic, the developer of WordPress, lets you add support for the AMP project on your website which will generate AMP-compatible versions of all your blog posts and website pages.

Also, for those who are making use of the latest yoast seo plugin, there is no point getting the AMP plugin because it comes with a glued AMP.

Making use of the AMP is no Job, just install it from your WP dashboard and activate. It’ll carry out its task automatically.

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These tips I gave above is just a stepping stone to what you need. There’s a lot more you can do to make your website load faster and rank higher on Google.

Remember to always monitor your website performance, analyze the page and check loading speeds.

Keep on looking for more ways to improve your website. Watch out for competitors.

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