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Buy & Sell Ad Space On Website Using AdClerks

Making money with websites is actually one of the easiest thing to do online. But the hardest part of it is driving massive traffic to your website. Also, massive traffic makes your blog ready and opened to advertisers to come, buy some ad space and pay you to show their ads on your site.

Some make use of affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and some AdSense alternative to monetize their sites. Also running a direct ads placement on your site is another great way to make money from your websites. This means you are getting paid a set amount of money per month, not matter how many clicks or conversions are sent through your site.

Quite interesting huh?
But the question now is how will people get to know your blog? How will you find advertisers who will be ready to place their ads on your site?

This is where a banner advertising website like AdClerks comes into play. In short, AdClerks connects advertisers with thousands of sites spread across different niche markets — essentially making it easy for site owners to find new paying advertisers, while also making it easier for advertisers to find new partner sites.

AdClerks formerly known as PublicityClerks is a self serving advertising marketplace. AdClerks allows advertisers to directly place ads on publisher websites via their ad platform. It is easy to get started with AdClerks. The sign up process is free and very easy. You can create your ad spot from your account and place the asynchronous javascript code on your website. The interested advertiser will chose your ad spot and you can see the money rolling in.

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As an advertiser, it’s also quite beneficial to look through the AdClerks marketplace and see the different type of sites you may have never come across before. Banner campaigns come in a wide range of sizes, budgets, and locations on different sites. The opportunity is also there to request custom banner sizes as well..

How to Make Money From AdClerks as a Publisher

To get started, all you need to do is create an account with AdClerks. But there are things to note before you sign up and they include:

• Your website should be live, finished and if applicable with frequent updates or content.

• Your website should be receiving more than 100k impressions or page views a month. If less, your website may still be considered based on our advertisers demand.

• Your website should currently have minimal advertising and feature a well designed layout or template (responsiveness is a plus).

• Your website should have its own domain and not be hosted on a free subdomain, e.g blogspot, blogger, weebly etc. are not allowed.

Once you pass the above requirements, you are free to sign up for AdClerks and then submit your site.

AdClerks is only looking to approve sites that are pushing a decent amount of impressions through their site — in the range of at least 100k per month. Sites must also be in English and have their own domain name.

With such a powerful platform and marketplace available to both site owners and advertisers, the benefits work both ways. Publisher get to place their sites within the AdClerks marketplace to find new advertisers, while advertisers get to search through thousands of sites that might best target their audience. All of which includes site stats, rates, ad locations, advertiser history and more.

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For Advertisers
To get started with an advertiser campaign, all you need to do is visit AdClerks, browse through their marketplace and place an order with any site that seems like a good opportunity. All sites can be sorted by click-thru rate, impressions, newest or price.


To make money on the internet, you must have traffic. This means you either need to have a website, or purchase it from other sources. With that being said, AdClerks is a solution that caters to both sides.

Take advantage of what AdClerks has to offer by creating an account today. It’s a simple process and also completely free.

Chat me up on messenger if you have any question or drop a comment and I’ll attend to you.

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