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Capterra Review: Make $200 Monthly From Capterra

You’ll get to know more about capterra as we cover capterra review and how to make $200 monthly from capterra.

Have you ever discussed with someone whether online or offline concerning a particular product you used? Well this is what you also do on Capterra but on a higher level. How? You get paid.

Interesting huh?
Getting paid to talk about a product online?

You can actually make up to $200/month just for reviewing products you are using or have used.
Some products which one can review or talk about on Capterra includes:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • WordPress
  • Google Drive
  • Google Doc
  • Survey Monkey
  • etc….

You see, products which one can write about on Capterra are numerous and are familiar products. Just submit your review and get paid instantly. Now let’s dive deeply to what Capterra is all about.

What Is Capterra

Capterra is an online review site that pays users to review products they are using or have used. Users are expected to write about the pros and cons of products they choose to review.

Capterra is 100% free and legit and from what I’ve learnt, Capterra gets opened for new reviews on occasions and right now, they are taking new user reviews. No payment to join.

Overview of How Capterra Works

There are alot of products you can talk about or submit your review for on Capterra. Joining Capterra is very easy as it requires you to connect your LinkedIn account to it in order to get started.

It is important to note that Capterra will pay you $5 as a start and then $10 on other subsequent reviews. But according to my research, you are restricted from making more reviews after you must have completed 10 reviews on a 72hours time. But the Goodnews is you can still continue after 72hours has elapsed.

How to Join Capterra to Drop Your First Review And Get Paid

• The first step you have to take is to visit Capterra Official Site and click on write review just like you can see on the image below.

• Once you click on the write review button or making use of the search button to look for your choiced product, you’ll be asked to continue with your LinkedIn account to continue with your review just like that below.

Now this is how you make your first review….

The product review page is of 3 sections, the overall ratings, pros and cons of the products and then usages.

The Overall Rating

Just like the image above, this is where you star the particular product you are reviewing. Make sure you do so according to what you experienced from using such product.

The Product Pros and Cons

The image above simply explains it all. Pros also known as likes is where you fill in about what you most like in the product you are reviewing and then cons also known as dislikes is the opposite of pros. Do well to fill it all in a simple sentence as writing a longtail article as pros and cons might bring about disapproval on your review.

User Usage Details
This is an optional blank space you cab talk about your overall experience. You can choose to fill it or leave it as it won’t penalized you from getting your reward.

When you submit your review, Capterra will notify you with an email about their approval criteria (this happens whenever you submit a new review). Also you’ll get to see at the later part of the e-mail that it would get published in 5 business days or sometimes can take more.

Once your review gets approved, you’ll be gifted but of not, you try again by making another review.

Capterra Payment Methods

Capterra pays you in gift cards. There are alot of gift cards you can choose to get paid on in Capterra. Some of the gift cards you’ll see includes:
• Amazon
• Visa
• Orange and so on

Just pick your choiced gift card, once sent to you then redeem it or sell it off.

Does Capterra Pay? What are their Payment Proofs?

Capterra Payment Proofs

Below are some of Capterra payment proofs which am sure can move you to join this program while it lasts:

So Capterra is worth joining as it is free. Have any issue concerning capterra? Or do you find it difficult to make your first earning on Capterra? Then drop your questions using the comment section or reach me directly on messenger.

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  • I thought this company was awesome. I wrote 2 reviews and got paid $10. Which was nice. Then they sent an email that I could write more and earn $10 each for up to $100. I had a few hours of downtime at work one day so I went and wrote 10-12 more reviews. They “decided” that I was a part of fraudulent activity and banned my account and blocked my email. They probably decided I was spam since I wrote so many. Seems like they just don’t want to pay up.
    This was the email.

    Brian Villanueva via

    Hi Madison,

    Thank you for reaching out.
    Unfortunately, your reviews failed to comply with one or more of our published Reviews Guidelines. After further investigation, our team agreed that these reviews are not eligible to be published.
    In addition, we have identified this account to have been involved in fraudulent activity. As per the guidelines linked above, signs of reviews fraud result in the review being disabled. Users who are found to have committed fraud may have their accounts banned, with associated reviews removed, and not be allowed to submit future reviews.
    All reviews are manually examined by our team in an effort to ensure published reviews are from verified sources and meet our site guidelines. We understand that you may not agree with our decision, but please know that much time and consideration was given to your concern. If you have the opportunity, we encourage you to read further about our QA and Investigation procedures to help understand the factors we consider.


    The Gartner Digital Markets Reviews Team
    Please note that this response will close this ticket. Any response regarding this matter will be logged, and sent to an unmonitored inbox.

    The Capterra Reviews Team

    Reviews Team Specialist

    • Thanks for stopping by to drop your complaints. I must say you bombarded them with the reviews at once that was why they thought it was an activity carried out by bots and decided to ban your account. Well you can take it easy by making your reviews maybe 2/hour or more to look decent.

      You can still get back to writing reviews for them with a new email and account.


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