Discussion: Google AdSense Or Sponsored Posts

Sometimes we need to bring heads together in order to look for a way forward for all bloggers online. Today, we’ll be discussing about the two powerful ways one can earn some bucks online, which is Google AdSense and Sponsored Contents/Posts

Thousands of bloggers out there including us are making use of Google AdSense and sponsored posts to monetize their sites. Yes it is indeed good to monetize your contents. But some are still to have their first sponsored post while others are already enjoying the benefit of having much sponsored contents on their site.

Now lets take a look at Google AdSense…

Little About Google AdSense

Google AdSense is indeed what pushed so many to joining the blogging community. Google AdSense is a legit ads network created by Google in order to reward faithful publishers by paying them to display ads of all types excluding 18+ contents on their site.

Yes BloggingSeries makes use of Google AdSense to monetize our site.

• Very Reliable and Trusted as it is managed by the god of online arena “Google”

• Payments are 100% Guaranteed

• Earnings are limitless as you can earn as much as you want from Google AdSense

Well there must be something which is talking negatively about Goggle AdSense
• Rules are sometimes strict

• Suspension and Banning mail can be sent without delay.

• Your site must be approved to display ads.

• Site could be easily suspended by Google.

Yes this is the little we can say about Google AdSense but that still makes it the best Ads network anyone can use for his or her blog.

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Lets head over to sponsored posts.

Little About Sponsored Posts

They’re Google Adsense alternative, and they fit into a website’s content so well users sometimes can’t tell the difference

A sponsored post is also known as a promoted content. You get paid to put up such post on your blog or website.

Sponsored posts can be written by either the site owner/blogger or by the sponsoring brand itself. If you’re hired to write the post as well as publish it on your site, obviously you’ll charge a higher rate than if you’re essentially just renting space on your site.

• You can make more money from sponsored posts

• No banning activity

• Instant Cash

• Popularity as the company promoted would share the post when updated

• Social shares

• Your site overall performance must be high to get called for sponsored posts

• Sponsored posts are sometimes difficult to get.

• Companies may decide not to pay for a post promoted for them

• Payments may delay

Yes now we’ve made a little review about sponored contents and google adsense which are great ways to earn alot from your site.

Which do you prefer and why?
We prefer the two😉 but our top choice is Google AdSense….

Feel free to share yours below

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