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Domainking Affiliate Reviews, How to Join and Make Money with Them

Hello readers, today’s post will take us to Domainking affiliate, how to join Domainking affiliate programme and how to make money with them.

Let’s ride….

Before we talk about Domainking affiliate, let’s take a look at some brief details about Domainking Web Hosting Company.

About Domainking

DomainKing is a Global Domain Registrar accredited with many Asian & African Registries .

They deal with wide range of services from Domain Names , Web Hosting to complete Websites & Tools that help your business grow.

Now that’s a brief story about Domainking.

About Domainking Affiliate

Domainking affiliate is a wonderful opportunity for all webmasters to make money from. It’s free to join and no restriction is placed. You mustn’t be a client or customer on domainking before you can join this affiliate programme but all are welcomed to participate in this wonderful programme and make extra bucks online.

Domainking pays upto 60% whenever you refer someone to make a purchase only on hosting plans as no commissions are given for domains. Someone might ask of payment threshold of Domainking.

Well Domainking pay you off once you accumulate N1000 (Nigerian Currency).

Note: Domainking only pay commissions for hosting plans and not domain. So that means even if you make enough sales on domains using your link, you might not be considered for any commission.

FAQs About DomainKing Affiliate

As of the time of compiling this post, we’ve verified from different sources about domainking affiliate and their experiences. So we are going to give you the two sides of what we got as summarized by us.

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• Anyone can join Domainking Affiliate Programme as it is free for both clients and non clients of domainking.

• Accessible Dashboard

• High commissions are placed on hosting plans

• No payments or commissions placed on domains

• Delay in payment.

So these above are what we got from different users enjoying domainking affiliate programme.

How to Join Domainking Affiliate Programme

For Domainking Clients
For those who are already enjoying domainking services, opening an affiliate account would be much easier with them. Now what how you can do that:

You must be logged in to your dashboard and if not, Login Now

At the top right of your client dashboard, you can click on the Affiliate button there.

The next step is to click on Activate Affiliate Account for your affiliate account to be alive.

That’s all….
You’ll be given a unique referral link which you can use to drive sales. You can also create banners which you can used for promotions on blogs and websites.

For Non-Domainking Clients
Now for those who are no users of domainking, can also join this programme by following the steps below:

Visit domainking site Here and register as a new user.

Fill all the forms given to you by domainking and then click on create account.

Now once done, you can now refer back to the first post made for those who are domainking clients and wish to join the programme above.

How to withdraw your Domainking Affiliate commissions

Domainking affiliate minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 Naira just like I stated earlier, once your affiliate commission is above the minimum amount of 1000 Naira, you can also withdraw your money.

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But, your affiliate commission will stay up to 40 to 45 days before you can withdraw it.
A withdrawal button will be shown to you automatically once it is up to the number of required days and all you need to do is to click the button.

Once you do that, they will send you an email about your request.
This time, they’ll need your identity document such as an Id card or any government approved document.

When you provide that, you also provide your bank account details where they will send your payment.

Then verify your account details for them to verify it and the process and then send your payments.
You will then receive your payments.


You can earn more in domainking affiliate. All that is needed is for you to work hard. Hope you enjoyed it, if so please share to friends and friends of friends to for them to learn more about domainking affiliate.

Any question can be dropped on the comment box and I’ll happily reply you with the solution. Thanks and enjoy domainking Affiliate.

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