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Earboard Affiliate; Earn Money Daily Doing What You Like

New affiliate system keeps rising as days, weeks and months passes by. Have you heard of earboard affiliate and how you can make money daily from it? Well, today’s post will be based on earboard affiliate.

Earboard forum was created by Nnamani George with the aim of providing people with cash while they do what they like. Earboard affiliate is a PPA programme. And by PPA we meant Pay Per Action. You earn upto N1000 just by inviting someone into the system. Also opportunity to earn posting pictures, images, videos and links are readily made available in this system.

Now let’s talk deeply concerning the registration, how you’ll earn from it and why you should think of joining this wonderful programme if you really want to make money online without breaking any rule or law.

Registration Guide:

Unlike some affiliate system which offer free registration to all interested participants, earboard is quite different from them. To join earboard affiliate, a sum of N1,300 is needed to activate your affiliate package.

Now here is a break down of how earboard utilizes this N1300 you pay for your affiliate package to be activated;
1000 is being given to the person who referred you to the system as a gift or reward for bringing in a new member into the system.

What about the remaining 300?
Well the balance is used for overall site maintenance to serve you better. Isn’t it worth paying?

So now you are quite sure of what earboard does with your 1300 activation fee.

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Now here is a step by step guide on how you can join this wonderful affiliate system set aside for you to make more cash.

How to Become an Earboard Affiliate

• Navigate to Earboard Registration page.

• Now fill all your details and make a one time fee of 1300

• Done your account would be activated.

Registration is so simple and very clear to all….

Other Ways of Earning From Earboard Affiliate

• Affiliate:
Earboard readily credits your account with 1000 for each referral or member you bring into the system.

• Posting and Sharing Articles:
Earboard will pay you for posting and sharing articles on their site. Now the big question is how much do they pay for posting articles?

Well you can earn from 100 to 3000 based on the type of article you post. If it is a mind bubbling and thrilling article, you are 100% sure you’ll earn more cash from it. To create posts is quite easy as you’ll see a button for post creation on your dashboard in earboard.

Earboard accept all forms of article provided it is copy free and more than 300 words. Be mindful that copied articles won’t be approved because thorough reading will be made on each and every article you make before approval by them.

• Answering Questions:
Yes you can also earn from earboard just by answering questions set for you. Cash prizes ranges from 350 per correct answer you give.

It is good that we point out that even without referring anybody to the system, you are sure of earning and getting paid for your work.

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What about those who are not from Nigeria but wish to join this program?

Well it is a good news to them that everyone no matter your country can join this affiliate system. Just follow the normal procedure for registration and select the payment method available for your country.

Earboard Payment Overview

Now let’s talk about minimum cashout and means of payment coupled with how long it takes to get credited….

Minimum Payment

The minimum payment on earboard is 10,000 (28USD).
Once you’ve passed or reached payment threshold, you’ll get paid provided you request for withdrawal.

Now one might wonder why it is up to 10,000… Well since earboard pays without referral, payment for post ranges from 100 to 3000 and Q&A ranges from 350, earboard knows you’ll pass the threshold within some weeks and also they want full participation on the site.

Payment Methods and Account Crediting Duration

Below are available payment methods:
• Bank Wire
• Bitcoin
• Paypal

Why Join Earboard

Earboard is here to help you utilize your data for better gains. Read news, post and do other stuffs with your data on earboard and get paid.

If you are the type looking for an online source to make money, earboard is here for you.

Those looking for other means of earning even though having their normal jobs can join earboard to earn extra income…

Is earboard not worth giving a try?
What is your say concerning earboard affiliate system?

Feel free to share your reviews below and don’t forget to share!!!

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