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Last time, I introduced you to a market where you can buy and sell ads space online. I also showed you how to join this wonderful program and how you’ll get approved to join. Provided you applied the steps mentioned in the former post, am sure you’ll receive a mail just like this below:

But should in case you want to join this program, or you keep getting a disapproval message, you can follow the steps I listed in the old post gradually and you’ll get approved. So here is the link to the post on how to join the program and how to get approved instantly: Buy & Sell Ads Spaces On Your Website.

So today am going to show you much better ways to monetize your site with adclerks.

Disclaimer: This post is meant for publishers on adclerks alone. If you wish to become a publisher, you can click Learn More.

So for those who applied for adclerks as publishers using their respective blogs, must have gotten an approval message if you are OK. By OK, I simply mean meeting up with their requirements.

So you can start creating Ads Zones and adding the codes on your site and setting the price for each place you want to display the ads. Adclerks will review the Ad Zones created and then approve if it is Ok by them. You can create as many ads zones as you want.

Once you Adclerks approves your created Ad zones, your ads will start displaying.

So what about those who are still waiting for Adclerks reply concerning their Ad zones? And what about those who were accepted and still waiting for advertisers to purchase the ad space? The good news is that you can still make money even though adclerks doesn’t approve your ad zones and also while waiting for advertisers to come.

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But the question is how?
Have you heard of Adclerks Swift Ads?

Swift ads is a new feature in Adclerks that will let publishers to make more money. SwiftAds is an in-house CPM advertisement unique feature which is exclusive only for the AdClerks publishers. Which monetizes unsold impressions for publishers while they wait for the direct ad deals on the marketplace of adclerks.

Things to Note About Adclerks Swift Ads

• Standard ads CPM rate is $0.10 for both mobile/desktop traffic for all GEOs and it’s 100% fill! (includes a few pop-ups or redirects).

• Premium ads CPM rate is up to $0.40 for mobile traffic for the following GEOs: US, CA, UK, AU and it’s also 100% fill! (no pop-ups or redirects).

Hints On Setting Up Adclerks Swift Ads
Getting Started:

On your dashboard via Adclerks you can click the publisher button, then select swift ads.

You can proceed by creating ads zones but you need to make sure your ad zone falls under the 300×250, 320×50 or 728×90 ad type.

Then select swift ads after setting your ad type and name which you’ll use to remember it.

Then you can copy the code given to you and place it anywhere you want the ads to display. Adclerks will look into it in 24hrs or less and then give you a feedback which looks like this below:

Once approved, adclerks will display ads on your site and pay you per impression sent.

One good thing to note is that advertisers can still purchase that ad space if they really want or need it. After purchasing the ad space, their ads will display and after expiration date, swift ads will appear immediately, giving you another avenue to keep monetizing your site while waiting for more advertisers to come.

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All your earnings are credited to your adclerks account and can be withdrawn anytime.

Come let’s rock Adclerks!!!
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Enjoy your day!!

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