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Email Marketing Dos And Don’ts To Follow

Email is an effective means of reaching billions of people world wide. Announcement, promotions and advertisements can be made through emails. According to the world research and report, it shows that 72% of people who received notifications about a particular product got it through email.

But on the part of the sender, he/she should try to do some workouts to grab the attention of readers of the message and likewise he/she should avoid some things so as not to encourage apathy… Below are some of them >>>

• Create a strategy
• Create email drip campaigns to automate
• Send mobile friendly mails
• Segment your email lists

• Don’t Spam
• Don’t deceive with interesting titles
• Don’t use boring titles
• Don’t forget to track emails

Successful email marketing are likened to a marathon race. You should always try to be up and doing so as to win the race.

Draw conclusions from your observations and keep track of your email stats.

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