Fake Traffic Generators You Need to Avoid

Hello readers! Its being a quite long time. Well today’s post will cover lists of traffic generator sites you need to avoid.

Yes there is no shortcut to getting better traffic to your site else you’ll fall victim in using fake traffic generators.

These fake traffic generators can break your site, rendering it useless and also can occupy your bandwidth. There is a hell lot of disadvantage of using fake traffic generators.

For those who use google adsense and at the same time they send fake traffic to there site, you well know the after effect. Google will disable your account and if possible disable your site from showing or displaying Google Ads again. So run from them….

So lets get down to business as I show you list of fake traffic generator sites you might know or might have being using and need to run from them.

You can see there are alot of traffic generators capable of sending bots that can destroy your site. If you really want to last longer online, flee from the above fake traffic generator sites.

You can save this page as I personally research and update the list of fake traffic generator sites you need to flee from.

But before I wrap up this post, have you ever used a fake traffic generator? What was the after effect? And what advise do you have for others planning on using it? And lastly share some of the fake generator sites you know which is not on the list.


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