How To Fight With Google RankBrain


So, I’ll be talking about contents only. Rest of the technical SEO is amazing as it is.
Just incase you don’t know, Google is becoming intelligent day by day with a massive workforce.

That workforce is particularly focused on providing the best ever quality in terms of search results for each and every google user.

Now just imagine if you are an SEO, its like you are only one person against whole workforce of Google. That sentence might be scary.
But it should not be as its always about understanding the user’s query in a better way.

Whoever understands better, wins the game. Yes it’s like “you” and “Google” in competition to understand the user’s search term.
Now if you’ve good sense of thinking and massive interest in your niche, I can bet you can understand the query of your viewer in a better way.

Walking this way only, you don’t need to think much about your other competitors while just keep track of google and you.
Once you know what the user’s want, try to capture every corner of your content on that particular search term.

If it’s your loved niche, you can easily have a build-in content structure in your mind.

Now the time is to look at your top ten competitor’s only, and manually.
Point out and maybe start writing down any/all barriers/improvement chances in their content.

* Firstly if your competitors are not picking the user’s query in a good way, you can literally point out within minutes that they are missing what the user is asking actually.
This scene is a pure win for you. Write and publish.

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* Secondly, if you think your competitors are somehow not at fault for understanding the user’s query, simply look if you can describe the intent in a better way as compared to them. Also add other content values, like presentation, videos, graphics and how you start your content etc.

Remember when its RankBrain, use your brain and don’t ever think of being consistent with low quality content and only relying on backlinks etc.

Content and on-page has never dropped any value in terms of SEO at any stage and will never ever do that.

Let’s not only be a technical SEO expert but logical as well.

Happy SEO.

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