Get Your Site’s Full Data With the New Moz Link Explorer Tool

The newly launched Moz Link Explorer tool gives you a better uptime and cool details of your site.

Formerly, our sites’ Domain Authority, Page Authority and Domain root links are checked by the Moz Research Tools known as the Open Site Explorer but now, Moz has launched a more better tool to do the work which is now called the Moz Link Explorer” tool.

This tool gives you a high accurate result unlink the old one we’ve been using over the years.

Why use the Link Explorer tool

• Ability to check both root domains, sub domains and any exact page of your site.

• Keeps on updating unlink the old research tool by moz which recently stopped updating.

• Gives more accurate result unlike the former tool which have served us for years.

• Gives you your site metrics over time.

• Give you your top site metrics including the DA & PA of sites you got backlinks from.

Screenshot Of Old Moz Research tool (OSE) & The newly launched Upgrade

We’ll show you an exact example of what we mean using our three months site

Old Moz Research Tool (OSE)

New Moz Link Explorer tool

The screenshot above are much different. From the first picture, you can see that the DA of our three months old site (url hidden for some reasons) is still stuck on 8 since two months after being updated by Moz.


The reverse is the case below. The new moz link explorer tools keeps on updating from time to time, giving you a much better result. DA has been updated to 15 on the new moz tool.

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Also, the root domain links on the old moz tool is still on 0 while on the new, 18 is showing already. You can still check out more difference using the screenshot above or better still, to enjoy the full features you can visit the Moz Link Explorer Tool and enter your url to get what you need.

Note that you can’t analyze your site with the new moz link explorer tool without having an account with moz. So all you have to do is to create a free trial account which will allow you check upto 10 sites or 10 times per month.

Disclaimer: It is important also to know that the Moz Research tool known as the open site explorer has finally come to an end in-case your site details stops updating on Moz.

Visit the newly launched Link Explorer tool by clicking here >>> Moz Link Explorer <<< and Enjoy the new tool by Moz.

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