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Google AdSense Sign Up Requirements 2019

It is very sad, and heartbreaking after working hard and hard on your blog then you decided to try out AdSense as a means of monetization and boom they reply you with their disapproval message.

Also some are too afraid to apply for AdSense because they don’t need anything which will make them sad like that of disapproval message. Some keep searching and searching for Google AdSense Sign Up Requirements. Well today we’ll be telling you about some Google AdSense Sign Up Requirements you’ll need before you can then think of AdSense.

Though I’ve personally discussed about some Google AdSense approval techniques which you can find here: Google AdSense Approval Techniques. But more to that, we still have more Google AdSense sign up requirements for you.

Let’s see some Google sign up requirements now:

• Write high quality and copy-free contents. Make sure you have up to 10 of them.

• Create a privacy policy, about us, terms and conditions with all necessary and important blog pages.

• Have a Unique email for adsense sign up. The email mustn’t be associated with any account.

• Make sure you’re up to 18+ as that is among the requirements for all Google publishers.

• Mobile friendly and quality blog

• Check your content type and avoid 18+ contents or contents that promotes gambling, nudity and immoral talks

• Use a top level domain and not free domain

• Traffic matters. So search and drive traffic to your blog. Never you use bot traffic on your site. So endeavour to check your traffic sources.

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If you passed all necessary Google adsense sign up requirements, then you are free to apply for Google adsense.

If you are still finding it very difficult in getting approval, drop your question/complaints below so we’ll solve them together.

Happy monetization!!!

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