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Google AdSense Sign Up; Step by Step Guide

Most people think that whenever you have a website or blog, automatically you own and AdSense account. Some keep asking how much Google does sell AdSense account to people.

Most go ahead buying AdSense account despite AdSense policy which prohibits buying and selling of AdSense accounts. And people keep sending mails, messages and texts to me asking me how they can get an AdSense account.

Well though this post I’ll make here is not new to people, especially AdSense owners but believe me it’ll be new to some and most especially to those who fall under the above mentioned category I talked about at the beginning of the post.

So this blog post will be guiding you on Google AdSense sign up containing a step by step guide on how to sign up for Google AdSense account. But before reading this post, have you gone through my former post which talked about Google AdSense Sign Up Requirements?.

If not, here is the link: Google AdSense Sign Up Requirements. You can go through it and then learn what you need to do before you can successfully sign up for Google AdSense.

So back to the talk of today which is about Google AdSense Sign Up. Below are step by step guides on how to sign up for Google AdSense Account:

• Create a gmail (Google Mail) if you don’t have one and make sure it is not in anyway associated with an existing AdSense account.

• Now after successfully creating your gmail account, open a fresh tab on your PC or mobile(for those using smartphones) and visit this link: and click on sign up.

• Now you’ll be moved to a fresh page where you’ll be asked to enter your site URL. Enter your site URL there and remember that free domains like the .ml, .tk, .cf and .ga are not allowed and can’t be used. So get a top level domain and proceed. Enter your domain and enter your e-mail you want to use to sign up.

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• The next page contains where you’ll set your personal details, your full name, phone number, country, postal code and also your street address. The reason for filling your personal details there is because at some point when using Google AdSense, you’ll be asked to verify your adsense account and Google will make use of your already filled personal details to ship a 6 digit pin to your home which you’ll use for the verification.

• Now click on next button, read the terms and conditions (if you want to but its advised you read to understand how AdSense operates the better) and tick the I agree option and proceed.

• The final page shows some codes or script which Google will need you to place on your site. Copy the code and look for the head section of your site and place the code immediately after it and then save.

• After pasting the code on your site and saving, tick the I’ve placed the code option on the AdSense page and then make your choice whether to show ads immediately when approved. Then click on OK.

Google will search for the code and when found on your site, they’ll start immediately to access your site to know really if your site is up to what is need to get it approved.

Don’t panic if you really followed the first step on what I told you about Google adsense approval requirements because you’ll surely be approved. Even if disapproved, you submit again.

Still having difficulties in signing up for AdSense? Don’t forget to drop your question, let’s solve it together as a team.

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