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Grammarly Affiliate Reviews, How to Join And Make Money With Them

Do you know that you can earn some bucks online as a grammarly affiliate? Well keep reading as we cover the theme: Grammarly Affiliate, How to join and how you can make money with them.

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tools made available for all. Yes you can earn some money with this awesome grammar checker tool by inviting, suggesting to friends, co bloggers and others out there.

It is good to note that Grammarly has the best affiliate system. Why do we say so?

Well, keep reading to know why we said Grammarly has the best affiliate programme.

Grammarly Affiliate runs on Cost Per Action (CPA). Which really means that you do not necessarily need to make some sales to earn some commission. Interestingly, If anyone clicks on your affiliate links, signup and installs the browser extension, you earn a $0.20 (20cent) as commission. Wow! So cool right?

Also you need to have in mind that whenever the user who registers through your affiliate link decides to upgrade his tool, you get a whooping $20 commission. And what does that mean?

It means you can earn up to $200 per month from Grammarly. Isn’t that beautiful? Yes it is. But we’ve not finished with Grammarly affiliate programme yet as we are going to give you more insight which will increase your taste or hunger for this affiliate programme.

But let’s discuss more about Grammarly, Grammarly Affiliate Programme and How to make money with them.

What is Grammarly

Not everyone is conversant with what Grammarly is, that is why we decided to discuss about grammarly a little before we dish out how to partake of its affiliate programme.

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Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar checker tool. It sits right on your browser extension toolbar and detects all types of grammatical errors.
It is also a plagiarism checker tool, which means it analyzes contents with its smart API giving you results and how to amend your write-ups.

Special Features Of Grammarly

• Grammarly lets you write and do grammar checks almost from anywhere.

• Grammarly supports multiple writing style checks

• Critical Grammar & Spelling Checks

Grammarly Affiliate Programme Review & How to Make Money With Them

Just like we said earlier, Grammarly has the best affiliate programme which runs on CPA (Cost Per Action) and also you are not persuaded to make sales through your link before you earn.

But let’s break down on what Grammarly Affiliate Programme has for all affiliates

• You earn (20cent) $0.20 whenever a client signs up through your affiliate link and installs the extension on his browser.

• You earn $20 commission added to $0.20 you earned earlier whenever the client upgrades his/her Grammarly account.

• 10% Commission for clients registered through your link.

• Sure cash bonuses. Whenever you make alot of sales through your affiliate link, Grammarly will add extra bonus to your commission thereby increasing your earnings.

Grammarly $25 Activation Bonuses

Yes this is where it gets interesting again. Grammarly is ready to pay all approved affiliate additional $25 activation bonus. But what must you do in order to grab this bonus?

Well all you need to do is quite simple….

All you need to do first is to Sign Up for Grammarly affiliate programme.

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Then once your account is approved, you can proceed in writing a brief review about Grammarly on your websites or blogs and then forward the link to the post to this e-mail [] and then sit back.

Once it is confirmed by them, a smiling $25 activation bonus will be given to you without delay.

This affiliate programme is getting interesting…..

How to Join Grammarly Affiliate Programme & Earn Your $25 Activation Bonus

• Click this text to register now : Join Grammarly & Earn $25 Bonus

• Fill all columns and details required

• Then submit for approval which can take up to 1 to 3 working business days to get approved.

• After approval, sign in to your dashboard and download any banner and post it on your website or blog with a little review and then forward your link to [] or simply reply the welcome message on your dashboard.

Then a smiling $25 bonus will be given to you.

Become A Grammarly Affiliate Now

When & How Does Grammarly Pay its Affiliates

The minimum payment for Grammarly is $50 and they usually pay on 1st or 2nd week of each month. Grammarly supports different payments options like; PayPal, Check, Direct Deposits and Payoneer MasterCard.

If you are a non-US affiliate, you better go for Direct Deposits or Payoneer MasterCard as a Payment option.

Additional Info On How to Earn More With Grammarly Affiliate Programme

• All affiliate have a special affiliate link generated for them. So grab yours from your dashboard.

• Write an attractive review probably on your text editors, writers or E-notes, adding your affiliate link to the written review.

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• Send to users using E-mail, Chatbots (Fastest means) or probably update them on your blogs if you have one.

• Another means for website owners is to downloas their banners and place them on your site.

What to Have In Mind When Signing Up for Grammars Affiliate Programme

Grammarly forbids bidding on the following branded and non-branded keywords.

It not mandatory to own a website/blog to apply and be approved for the Grammarly Affiliate Programme. E-mail marketing can work.

Grammarly Affiliate offers multiple choices to signup from.


Grammarly is ready to pay you any amount made from sales or sign ups. No bad review has been made about Grammarly affiliate programme as users have been enjoying this programme since 2010.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance right away! Don’t forget to drop your comment, complaints and review below.

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