How I Pulled 10,000 Unique Visits From Quora

Quora is a powerful platform for driving massive traffic to your blog by means of a Q&A (Question and Answer)content marketing.

But all you need to follow some discreet tactics to prevent it from looking spammy.

Optimum content, top relevancy, image insertion, SEO-friendly approaches and so on, many things help to grow and drive Quora traffic.

There are so many of the solid and most trusted ways you can follow here to increase traffic to your blog using Quora. I’ll show you some of them as below which helped me build 10k hitz from quora.

Remember to practice them and your traffic will grow within 10 days whether you are always updating your site or not just like the screenshot above.

• Optimize your Quora Profile including your blog link:

Complete your Quora profile focusing your role here as well as on blogging you dedicate your content to the audience well-being. Let your audience know you are there to bring about solutions to any question on specific niche or topic. Mention your social media, and your website url on your profile.

• Write and Pick your Area of Expertise:

Write the topics name about what you know and as usually written on your blog. Quora and readers would like to find your specific topic, niche you write on. Try to include topics as much as possible so that they cover your writing areas.

• Ask Questions that readers count and get interesting:

Ask your brilliant question that follows the maximum starters requirement like you. You should check the previous questions whether they cover your requirement, While you find no one is solving your problem, then you might post the question is best way. After posting your question just follow up the replies, and never hesitate to upvote on the excellent replies.

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• Reply to The Most Viewed and interesting Questions:

Always write a question that has got high views and interesting. It shows the popularity of the topic and most of the people look for reply for their solution on the issue. Views are huge matter. Interesting means followers who are waiting for your reply to suck the stuff. This data reveals the reason you need to write the answer on that for your increased traffic as well.
Remember to embed your related post url to the answer you gave. This will still keep them active.

• Join Other Quora Communities:

You can decide to join so many communities of your choice on quora, depending on your blog niche. Endeavour to be at the right community because you being at the wrong community won’t give you what you had in mind while joining them.

• Stay Active On Quora:

At the early stage, what you might write won’t get better rank on the reply list, and readers count is also poor. No worries, all you need to stay in touch. And follow the front-line writers according to your readers counts as well as up-votes. Also follow their strategies how they dominate on the answer list.

Write Briefly including Optimized Reference:

Create reply in magnetic content including significant reference link at an actionable point of readers behavioural tendency. It will help you to find the click through for your site. But never bullshit on the link referencing without at a reasonable point that doesn’t solve the readers’ psychology of eating.

• Upvote and Appreciate Answers:

Do not hesitate in upvoting answers given to a question you are really touched with on quora.

This appreciation helps you to make a healthy relationship with the user, who could award you back by upvoting your answer which in turn contributes to getting enough Quora traffic on the website.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Pulling Traffic From Quora

There are some best practices when it comes to using Quora to grow your blog’s traffic. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that the Quora mods can get a little ban happy.

I see being banned on Quora as a right of passage, but still, it’s a pain having to start from scratch on Quora.

For context, my first account was banned because I was a little bit spammy. I tried tricking people to click on my blog link even to the extent of creating long posts on Quora on wrong community. So Quora mods saw it as sketchy and that was that.

Also, my account got banned the 2nd time when an unknown stranger on quora upvoted all my answers on quora and it made it look spammy and boom, I got my 2nd ban…

Thankful I learnt alot from my mistakes and that’s while am sharing it to you about what to avoid and to keep in mind while using quora to pull traffic.

Situations like that are unavoidable, but knowing how strict Quora can be, there are ways you can help yourself.

Here are lists of things to keep in mind:
• Do not be Spammy

• Do not Create an Upvote group for upvoting your answers because Quora mods are very smart and strict.

• Do not post inaccurate answers and remember not to post answers on wrong communities and posts which needed answers.

• Do not copy and paste other contributor answers as yours while giving your own answer.

I think those Don’t(s) are quite self explanatory. So try your possible best to avoid the don’t(s) and do the Do(s)

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Are You Going To Use Quora For Q&A Sessions And Blogging?

I’ve discussed every step I personally utilize to get seen on quora and get enough blog traffic.

Now, it’s up to you to carry out the steps listed above. It is quite simple and an easy to follow guidelines.

Most importantly, If you start interacting with the readers and writing out the best answers on quora, I’m sure it can bring better outcomes to your blog.

It’s time for you to take action and sign up for quora if you do not have an account on quora, but if you do, take action immediately.

You’ll be amazed to read the wonderful experiences of writers, best ever life lessons by experts and life hacks too aon quora.

Isn’t quora website worth trying?

Let me know if your profile got noticed or your answer got thousands of views after carrying out the steps above.
I’m always online waiting for your questions and answers here.
I’m also thankful to you for staying until the end of this post.

Now, go and dominate quora traffic.

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