How to Add A Donation Button On Your WordPress Site

Throughout your visit on so many websites, am sure you have seen a donation button in some websites. Many bloggers and some service rendering organizations use this simple setup system to raise money on their websites either for a particular reason (Best known to them though). I too personally use this donation button on my blog for my own reason which you’ll get to see once you click on it.

PayPal is the best option to pick while setting up a donation button for your website or blog. This is as a result of being the most popular online payment receiving wallet used by millions of people. They are so much reliable.

So today, I’ll show you to add donation button to your website. If you are skilled, adding this donation button won’t be of stress to you. But don’t worry, I’ll personally guide you if you’ve tried your best but to no avail.

Getting Started

The first step to take is to create a Paypal account. If you have it, fine but if not, you should create one for free via PayPal official website.

Personally I’ll recommend a Business Paypal but having a Personal paypal account won’t limit or stop you from getting a Paypal donation button.

Adding a PayPal donation on WordPress
Since WordPress makes use of plugins in order to ensure smooth running of your WordPress site, there is a plugin I highly recommend while trying to setup a paypal donation button on your WordPress site and that is PayPal Donation by Tips and Triicks HQ. You can get started by Installing and Activating the Plugin.

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After activation, visit the settings page of the plugin to configure and setup your details.

Things which will be needed on the configure page
• Your Paypal account email
• Currency ($, £, €, ¥)
• Optional page to set the donation page url and return page url
• Amount (Which can be set to a price or can be left empty for people to donate any amount they want)
• The purpose of your donation and reference.
• Then pick the donation button your choice.

Now you’ll be able to display this paypal donation button you choosed with this type of shortcode which will be given to you [PayPal-Donation]. But it is best displayed at the buttom, or side-bar of your blog and to do this on your WordPress site, you have to visit your Appearance Section >>>> Widgets and then look for a block with the label PayPal Donation.

Select and drag to anywhere you want it to appear. This widget contains extra settings you’ll like to fill optionally.

Then click on save.
That’s how to display a donation button on your WordPress site.

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