How To Add Email Subscription Box Below Posts In Blogger

When you take a close look at the image above, you can see a subscription box. This subscription box was extracted from our feed burner and the added at the end of blog posts. You can take a close look at it below, at the end of this post. This subscription box appears at the end of each and every blog posts and pages on our blog. This have helped in getting tons of willing subscribers to our blog thereby increasing the conversion rate in our blogs.

For you to add this subscription box at the end of your blogger posts, you must activate or have an active feedburner account and the code for your subscription box. But if you don’t have it, follow closely below on how to get yours:

• Sign into your feedburner account.
• Select My Feeds and pick your blog name.
• Click on the publicize tab and select email subscription options
• Click on feedburner and select activate below it.
• Finally, click on subscription management and copy the html code given to you

How To Add It At The End Of Blog Posts.
• With the html code you copied from your feedburner account, visit this link to parse the code
• Once you parse the code, copy the output code given to you.
• Open your blogger dashboard >>> Theme >>> Edit Html
• Use Ctrl + F to find this line of code  <div class=’post-footer’> 
• Paste the code right below it and save theme
• Click on Enter button again to get to the same line of code but the 2nd of it which will enable it to show on web view. Paste the same parsed code below it and save.

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Then view your blog and see you work.
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