How to Automatically Ping Your WordPress Posts & Pages

Pinging your sites will automatically make search engines to index your site or update them. Now you’ll learn how to automatically ping your WordPress posts & pages.

There are alot of ping sites we use in sending signals to search engines that yes you have a new blog post wanting to be indexed or you have an already indexed post but this time around it is being updated. Pinging them is not bad but pinging same post repeatedly is bad as it’ll make search engines to ignore your site totally.

What is Pinging?

Apart from sharing your blog posts to top forums and also to friends and readers, pinging is a genuine and faster way of putting it up to the whole wide world to read. Pinging is a way of indexing your post very fast on search engines and this also helps in your ranking.

This pinging is done with the help of some ping site created by webmasters which can be used to send signals to search engines easily.

Ping sites are free self made tools which can be used to send signals to search engines about your new blog post or an updated post. Making use of ping services is a part of SEO.

Merits Of Using Ping Services

• Boost in Ranking
• Faster/Quick Indexing
• Blog post update signals sent immediately to search engines
• Boost in Immediate search traffic

Demerits Of Using Ping Services

I must say that the only demerit of using ping services comes when you repeatedly ping same URL. By repeatedly I mean pinging a particularly URL over and over again without any new update. Search engines like Google will consider such as a bot activity and we know the action Google will take.

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That is banning or inverse of indexing which is de-indexing your site totally which will bring about lose in traffic, fall in SEO and in one word, Shipwrecking Of your site.

Lesson: Index posts only when made new or when you make some changes in them.

So back to what we have for today, I’ll show you how to automatically ping your posts on WordPress without stressing yourself. Next update will be how those who are using Blogger Blogs can do likewise same with WordPress users.

How to Ping WordPress Posts Automatically

Now to ping your WordPress posts automatically, you’ll need to follow the step below closely.

• Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard.

• Now click on the settlings option at the bottom of the menu options on your WordPress Dashboard.

• Now select writing and lookout for the update services option after clicking on writing.

The image below will explain clearly what you are likely to see if you followed the steps closely.

Now some pinging services would be made available there while in some, it’ll remain empty. But either ways, you can decide to enter URL of some ping sites you know. And if you are looking for some to enter, you can simply copy these below and paste on the space there:

• Pingomatic.com
• http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
• http://rpc.icerocket.com:10080/
• http://rpc.copygator.com/ping/
• http://www.blogsnow.com/ping
• http://www.blogoon.net/ping/
• http://rpc.newsgator.com/
• http://pingoat.com/goat/RPC2
• http://ping.feedburner.com
• http://ping.exblog.jp/xmlrpc
• http://ping.bitacoras.com
• http://api.my.yahoo.com/rss/ping
• http://api.my.yahoo.com/rss/ping

You can decide to copy all and paste or copy few. The choice is all yours. But remember to save once done.

This is how to ping your WordPress posts automatically without stressing yourself. Just keep on writing and updating while the ping services does its work. Blogspot users should stay tuned as we compile how you can do the same like those who use WordPress.

Still having issues on pinging your site automatically? Drop your comment below and get the best answer now. If its something private, use the messenger icon to reach me personally…

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