How To Choose A Blogging Niche

Before creating a blog, one of the task to perform is selecting the right niche. Niche can be said to be the category your blog belongs to . Many bloggers became unsuccessful because they didn’t select the right niche from the beginning and they are regretting it.
Selecting a Blogging Niche occurs once you have selected or chosen the Blogging Platform  you want to use to create your blog. 
In order to choose a perfect niche, one needs to examine or in other words study himself thoroughly. The reason for studying oneself is to know what you love doing, what you have passion for and what you can dedicate your time in doing.
So niche goes with passion and desire. Selecting a rightful niche will make blogging easier for you.
Various Types Of Blog’s Niche 

1. Blogging How Tos Niche : 
This niche is about creating blog about blogs. That is covered with blogging tips, how to make money from blog, how to do blog SEO etc. Example is like this blog has been made in Blogging niche.
2. Cooking Niche : 
If you are a professional cook, you can create and start your blogging career and idea in this niche. It doesn’t matter if you are a Pro, Once you have a little or extra knowledge about cooking which you want to share with other people, then this niche is perfect for you.
3. Technology Niche : 
Tecnology niche is a niche that is compatible for users who are good If you are good about computers, laptops, hardware, software, games, apps, electronical(gadgets). If you are one, you can start a blog over this niche.
4. Health Niche
This is the most important niche & requires a an extra ordinary knowledge of the subject matter. Topics under this niche are unlimited, so you have to be very well knowledgeable about the topic for which you are writing. You must at least have an idea in Biology and other sciences topics and must act like a nurse or doctor.
5. Education & School Niche :
This niche converges everything about school and education. If you are someone who is updated to schools and educational news, this niche is okay for you and you can start a blog for it.
6. News & Entertainment : 
This is niche is variable & doesn’t concentrate on single topic. The topics under this category are unlimited and requires attention about daily topics which are happening all over the world , so you have to be very well knowledgeable about the topic for which you are writing.
7. Business Niche : 
Business blog niche is a kind of niche that is based on business tips. If you are someone who knows at least greats things about business, you an set up your blog using this niche.
Other Blogging Niche Viz:
Pedicure & Manicure
Personal Development
Artifacts and so much more.
So now you have a list of blogging niche and you know what niche is all about, pick up a niche you love, develop a blog and blog all the way.

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