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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Account Easily

Amazon affiliate program, also known as “Amazon Associates” can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. Simply sign up, receive immediate approval and place Amazon affiliate links and banners on your site just like that of Google AdSense. When someone makes a purchase through your link or the placed banners, you earn some bucks from what he or she paid.

But before we dive deeply into what we have for today which is “How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Program Account”, we need to explain what affiliate programme, an affiliate, affiliate links, and products means and how it is connected to Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associate.

Let’s get started…

What is Affiliate Marketing

In a simple sentence, I personally defined affiliate program with this illustration, Refer >>> Buy >>> Earn.

Now explaining with this illustration, affiliate marketing is a program designed in such a way that whenever you invite people through your affiliate link, banners given to you or through shout-outs, you earn some commission from each and every item sold through you. It is one of the fastest means of making cool cash online as no investment is needed for you to become an affiliate. Now this brings us to our next question of who an affiliate is.

Who is an Affiliate?

Simply put that an affiliate is one who invites others to make purchase from a particular site or products through his/her link. Anyone can become an affiliate. All that is required of you is to have or build your own tactics which will work for you in sending out shout outs to people or sending out your affiliate links. Let’s look at what affiliate links are.

What is an Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are special links given to all affiliate which they use in recording any purchases made through them. Actually by special I mean that no one has the same link with yours due to the fact that each link sends feedback to the affiliate system which they use to record your stats so far since you joined the affiliate program.

What are Products

Now products are what you advertise. Amazon being a giant online market in the world, has so many products in stuck you can choose to advertise. You are not restricted to some but all are free for you to pick. Just choose relevant ones, know your niche, display them on your portfolio, when purchases are made, you receive your commission instantly.

How Affiliate, Affiliate Program, Affiliate Links, and Products are Connected to Amazon Associate or Amazon Affiliate

Well for us to make some bucks from Amazon affiliate or Amazon associate, we need to first become an affiliate by signing up for amazon affiliate account.

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After successfully signing up, we can grab our links which will be made available by Amazon associates to advertise their products in order to earn some bucks when purchases are made.

Now you see how easily they are connected?

The big question now is the topic of this blog post and that is how to create an amazon affiliate account.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Account

To become an Amazon affiliate, we must have a way we can advertise their products. Fortunately, we can advertise them through Buck SMS, Blogs and Websites, YouTube and Email Marketing. So pick the most convenient one for you and let’s proceed on how we can become an Amazon affiliate.

Step One
We need to visit the Official Affiliate Site by clicking this: Become An Amazon Affiliate and click the join now button at the top right of your screen. You’ll be asked to log in if you already have an existing account or sign up if you had none. So pick Sign up let’s proceed.

Step Two
The next page will give you a form to fill which can be regarded to as Amazon associate account information. You need to fill each and every column as none can be left vacant. You need to enter your name, phone number and also your address and click on next.

Step Three
You’ll be asked to enter a website URL or mobile app which you’ll be using for Amazon. Now also note that in the space for website, you can enter your YouTube channel if you are really going to make use of YouTube to advertise amazon products. And punch the next button.

Step Four
This is where we set our profile. You can choose your preferred associate id which can be your name, nickname or number. Just make your choice. You’ll also need to fill what your website or blog, app or YouTube channel is all about, and select what best describes your site from options which will be given to you.

Step Five
Traffic and Monetization is being discussed here. You have to explain to Amazon how you drive traffic to your site, other product or means of monetization you use and average visitors your site brings or makes in a month.

Step Six
You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number which Amazon can use to call you asking for a pin which they’ll display on your screen. You need to pick the call, and type the pin so they can verify your account immediately.

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USA residents and some other countries can use their country based numbers to receive this call from Amazon. But what about countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Some other countries that can’t receive this call from Amazon? Some kept on complaining that after waiting for a whole day, no call was received and at the same time amazon will tell them to wait for another 24hrs to try again. What a sad coincidence but it is a blessing that you are reading this post.

Here is what to do…

You’ll need to get a working USA number preferably. How can you get one?

There are so many ways which one can get a USA number and they include Textplus app, Skype or you can even buy one for yourself. Now once you get this working USA number, enter the number on the space Amazon left where you’ll insert a number which they’ll use to call. Once you click on call me, expect the call and then enter the pin which they’ll display on your screen.

Now for those who can’t access some app which they can use to get a working USA number can first get a strong VPN, download Text plus app as it is free and OK, then carry out the same process above.

Final Step
Choose whether to enter your payment (credit card) and tax ID information in now or later. Then proceed to your dashboard.

Boom!!! You’ve created your first Amazon affiliate account. You can now start monetizing your site, app or YouTube channel.

But how can you get your Amazon affiliate links or create products? Ok, I don’t believe in half baked tutorials as I’ll show you how you can do them now so you can’t get confused or get lost in your Amazon affiliate dashboard.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

This particular one is an easy to follow guide. Just read and follow the steps closely to get what you want.

On your Amazon affiliate dashboard, you can choose either to go for Quick Links or Browse Products.

Here is the difference;
In Quick Links, you can search for a product using your own keyword.


Browse Products opens the flood gates of products you can pick from but based on categories.

The main aim is to find what you are looking for. Once you find a particular product, you can click on “Get Link” button.

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Design and customize your link by choosing either to display text only, image only or text and images. You can decide to add colours or leave it on default.

Preview the link and then copy the HTML code which will be given to you and add to your site.

That’s all…

Hey but before I end this tutorial, I’ll also like you to know that your Amazon account will stay for 180 days and after that 180 days you made no sales, Amazon will personally close up the account…

Now you need to buckle up and try as much as you can to make at least a sale through your link or banner via Amazon so that your account won’t be closed.

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Hopefully you can now create an Amazon affiliate account, and also can create Amazon affiliate links. But if you still have any question or confused, you can use the comment section and I’ll get to you. Also if you feel the question is so important and is something you can disclose publicly, use the messenger icon and drop it while I respond.

Do have a great day!!

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