How to Drive Traffic From Quora By Sharing Links

Quora still remains the best question and answer forum where one can get noticed online easily, share tips and be connected to so many online geeks.

On my previous blog post, I talked about “How I Successfully Pulled 10,000 Unique Visits from Quora”, yes 10,000.

For those who are looking for the link to the post, here is the link: Dominate Quora Traffic in 10 days.

I personally explained each and every step you need to take so as to achieve your aim which is pulling massive traffic from Quora.

So today, I will show you how to share links alone in Quora. Quora formerly gets users banned for sharing links and also for being spammy. But the good news is, you can now share links to your blog posts on Quora. I tried it and it really worked and am sure its gonna work for you too.

How to Drive Traffic From Quora By Sharing Links

Getting Started

Once you are logged into your Quora account, you’ll be welcomed with the new Quora message telling you about the new feature of link sharing on Quora.

You can get started by clicking the Add button at the top right corner of your screen just like in the screenshot below:

Then on the next page, you’ll get to see two options which says, “Add Question & Share Links”. But we aren’t dealing with the Add Question Option, so change or switch to Share Links.

Then you’ll see a blank space for your Link title and the Link to be shared too. And after which, you click on the share button to share.

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Quora is bringing in a lot of feature to help Web masters, bloggers, entrepreneur and digital marketers to be noticed online, to drive traffic to their online portals and to get connected with people.

Utilize Quora today and enjoy. Remember, do not be spammy else you’ll get your Quora account banned.

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