How to get .edu Backlinks & List of Comment Enabled edu Blogs

I’ll be showing today how to get .edu backlinks and also list of comment edu blogs. We all know how strong and effective getting a .edu backlink is. These backlinks passes link juice to your site whenever you build them and it can easily increase your DA (Domain Authority) likewise your strength and stability in ranking.

Edu websites are being considered as authority websites and have the highest strong backlink you can ever think of getting.

Now lets quickly dive to what we have for today.

How to Get or Build .Edu Backlinks

Sometimes getting .edu backlinks is not easy just like we say. But I’ll show you different ways you can get it without spamming your work. Also one thing to note is that these .edu extensions are mainly used by schools and colleges for passing information to students or people who wish to join the school. It is not just a normal extension used by all.

I’ll show you two ways you can easily get .edu backlinks and after which, i’ll give you a list of comment enabled .edu blogs or websites.

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• Utilizing Google To Uncover Them:
Yes, Google is the father of internet and nothing is hidden from them. We are going to tap from the power of google to get what we need immediately and with ease.

To get or fish out .edu backlinks using google, you need to use the Google’s advance search syntax like below:

” inurl:blog inurl:blog “comment” inurl:blog “responses”

Note: If you wish to include your own keywords, you can do so and still get results.

• Using DropMyLink:
Making use of this tool is also quite easier. Just visit DropMyLink enter your keyword, select the types of results you want and click the search button and you will be presented with the huge list for you to start on.

Now you’ve seen so many ways to get free .edu backlinks. What if you are being lazy to carry out these steps? Or running out of time to do them? Well I’ll show you lists of comment enabled .edu blogs you can start up with.

List of Comment Enabled edu Blogs

The importance of getting a .edu backlink can never be over-emphasized. Just play your role in getting them and watch the positive effect it’ll have on your site. 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7

Go ahead of your competitors by grabbing .edu backlinks. Don’t forget to share this post ad also drop your comments if you have any question or contribution.

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