How to See Your Organic Search on Google Analytics

Hello bloggers and fans of bloggingseries. It’s been a while here. Well I’ve being getting and receiving mails from people about how they can see or check out the number or amount of organic search they are getting through google analytics. So today, we’re going to learn how to see your organic search from google analytics and how you can utilize them to gain more traffic and earnings to your blog.

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What is Google Analytics?

That should be the first question many might ask, “what is google analytics “. Well according to Wikipedia, it defined Google analytics as a free-premium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.

Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the web.
Yeah! I remembered when I said it is a free-premium web analytics service, this actually means that the tool has all you need as a blogger and all you need in order to get the best and most out of your site which requires it to be paid for but Google actually made it free to all bloggers and website owners.

Yes, it is free and so don’t pay anyone trying to trick you into buying a Google analytics account which is very impossible to sell.

Why Do You or Bloggers Use Google Analytics

Why do you use Google analytics would be the next question running via your minds now. Well we use Google analytics to track website visitors, and also measure the number of visitors we are getting.

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How Do I Use Google Analytics

For most whose site is not yet integrated with analytics can do well to follow this procedure to get it done and very easy:

• With your gmail (Google Mail), sign into Google analytics using this link:

• Set up a property in your account by adding your website or blog.

• Set up a reporting view and save.

• Then follow the next instruction on how to add the tracking code on your website to get everything done and set up.

That is how I use Google analytics…

Now let’s go back to what brought about this blog post and that is, how to see your organic search on Google analytics.

How to See Your Organic Search On Google Analytics

Once you sign in to your analytics account, you’ll discover that there are so many options to select, so many things to do and so many things to gain from Google analytics. But we’ll be focusing more on how to see your organic search on Google analytics right now and maybe some other day, we’ll talk about new things we learn from Google analytics too #winks

So when you are currently signed in to your Google analytics, you’ll get to see a view like that of the screenshot below:

That is the first image you’ll get to see.

But this is not what we are searching for, but rather we are checking to see how to see your organic search on Google analytics.

So what are we to do next?

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Select or rather click on the Acquisition button >>> Overview and allow it to load. Once it loads, you’ll get to see something like this screenshot below:

Now that is your search traffic which is in blue mark or colour. It’ll actually break it down and show you your traffic sources. From the screenshot you can see that organic traffic is taking the lead on our blog.

61.9% of Organic Traffic
29.2% of Direct Traffic
7. 3% of Social Traffic
5% of Referral

Well, we’ll actually say our traffic mainly is an organic traffic. This is the report stats for 2weeks and it’ll keep updating as long as you work well.

To get more from the acquisition center you clicked on, you can decide to click on the All Traffic and then traffic source to see the leading search engine on your blog.

That is simply how to see your organic search on Google analytics.

Did your organic search grow overtime? If yes, kudos and more earnings to you. Did you have a backpedaled search traffic on your blog? Well we all need to stay woke and for you missing out in organic traffic, do well to subscribe using the subscription box to follow my updates which will help you in blogging and also drop your comments using the comment box and I’ll attend to you. But if you might feel embarrassed by your question, use the chatbot on your screen, switch it to admin mode and drop your question. I’ll answer once I receive it.

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