How To Setup Copyright Protection & No Right Click On WordPress

Disabling right click on WordPress is easier due to the plugins made available for it. People tend to copy a lot of post from others and giving no credit or backlink to them.

How To Disable Copy & Paste On WordPress:
WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click, a plugin developed by Wp-Buy protects the posts or contents on your site from being copied by other authors. This plugin is easy to use and can be installed on your WordPress dashboard or you can get it Here.

Some Features Of The Plugin Includes; 
• Disabling of shortcut keys for copying and pasting (Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C etc)
• Image protection
• Content protection
• Pingbacks (For pro plugin)

Installations Of The Plugin…
• Download the plugin
• Log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins.
• Select upload a plugin and upload your file
• After uploading, then activate.

• Visit your WordPress dashboard
• Select the plugin directory
• Search for the plugin by keywords (Wp Content Copy Protection & No Right Click)
• Then install and activate

Activation & Plugin setup
• After activation, go to settings and select wp content protection
• You’ll get to see four options which include:
√ Content protection
√ Image Protection
√ Homepage protection &
√ CSS protection…

Then make your changes and save before exit. And you’re done…

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