How to Setup Jetpack Publicize Option

Before you start up with this tutorial, am sure you must have installed and activated your Jetpack plugin. If not, you can install it now, activate it and connect it to WordPress because Jetpack itself is a free plugin for all.

Actually most of us find it too difficult to promote our blog posts manually. By manually I mean visiting different social platforms you belong to and sharing your posts. But the good thing to note is that Jetpack Publicize helps to fasten up this process, saves time and stress. Jetpack includes an extremely useful feature called ‘Publicize’ which will automatically share new posts on specified social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, whenever they are published.

So in this blog post, we are going to take a look at how we can set it up to perform its work. Before we dive into the main tutorial, we should know that the only social media that Jetpack supports include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Path and Tumblr. Other services or social platforms are not available but still the listed or available social platform is enough to drive traffic to your blog(posts).

Setting Up Jetpack Publicize

After installing, activating and connecting your Jetpack to WordPress, you need to make sure that the publicize option is enabled. To do that, Click on Jetpack on your WordPress dashboard >>> View All Jetpack Features.

Then Scroll down the list of features until you find “Publicize”. Click on the link and click “Activate” on the window which appears.

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Now after enabling publicize option, follow through the procedures below to automate sharing on your WordPress site:

On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings >>> Sharing to connect the social media accounts you use with Jetpack.

Click on “Connect” beside the name of the social network you want to add, and enter your username and password (authorize it to read your social account)

Once your connections to the services you wish to use have been approved, a list of them will appear in the “Publish” box whenever you write a new post.

So whenever you publish a new blog post, jetpack publicize will share them automatically to your connected social media accounts. Haste and stress free.

Note that Jetpack will make your posts in such a way readers will be wanting to know more of your blog post. How or What do I mean?

Jetpack Publicize will share part of the blog post and at the end, you’ll see something like [1229 words more] followed by the post link. Your readers will always be tempted to know more concerning the shared post.

Utilize WordPress, its plugins and it’s features.

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