How to Setup Search Description On Blogger Blogs

SEO involves alot and the right path you take today will give you a positive result tomorrow. Today, I’ll be talking about how to setup search description on blogger blogs. Just like WordPress which you can use a plugin “Yoast or All In One SEO Pack” to setup your search description, you can do same on blogger.


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What Does Search Description Mean?

Search description in a simple sentence is a brief line that discusses part of what your blog post is talking about. This search description when left on default will make search engines display the most relevant part of your blog post.

Sometimes the search description contains mainly the first paragraph of your blog post when left on default.

Leaving your search description on default can make search engine crawl less important part of your posts and in turn your rankings will decrease. Now, how will you set your search description on your blogger blog to have a better ranking?

How to Setup Search Description On Blogger Blogs

It is good that your blogger blogs have a search preference section in its dashboard. You must do well to utilize that section to get the taste of what you want online.

The first step to take is to navigate to your settings section in your blogger dashboard.

Now select the Search preference section and just under your meta tag, select the edit right in front of Description.

Now select yes so that all options will be made available to you for use.

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Now create a cool and smart description of your blog in the section provided for you after selecting the yes option. Don’t forget to save…

Your description should/must be short and brief and must explain what your blog is all about.

Remember, save all your setups….

Now we’ve added or activated search description for your blogger blogs. The next question is how can we then do the same for our blog posts since we’ve enabled it for our blog as a whole?

Now do these if you want to setup the same for your blogger blogs:

Proceed on creating new posts.

Create posts just like you’ve been doing formerly, format and edit it properly.

Now before selecting the Publish button, at the right hand side of the post writing section where you have your labels and others, click on the search logo/icon or button there.

Now add/setup your description but this time around what your current post is talking about. Remember to make it short and brief.

Now click the publish button. You are done.

Repeat this same step for all your blog post and see how your ranking would be increasing gradually.

Setting up search description is very vital as it is also used by search engines to fish out relevant blog posts.

Did you successfully setup yours? What was the result like? Feel free to share with us below and don’t forget to share.

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