How to Switch Back From Gutenberg to Classic Editors On WordPress 5

We all know that the recent update of WordPress to WordPress 5 came with an integrated Gutenberg on it. Most like it while some don’t. So today’s post will feature how to switch back from Gutenberg to Classic editors on WordPress 5.

But before we move over to how we can easily switch from Gutenberg to Classic editors, we are going to discuss a little concerning Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a modern block based editor unlike the classic editors. Most bloggers are not familiar how on to use this block based editor while some do. This block based editor completely changed the way posts and pages are displayed and created. The good news there is this Gutenberg can be disabled since it is not mandatory for all WordPress 5 users. Although some companies like Godaddy and Namecheap had already made experiments with this block based editors long ago before the sudden integration on WordPress 5.

Also note that Gutenberg doesn’t affect your content once you click on the publish button. But the appearance while creating posts, pages and contents look complicated unlike the Classic editors we all WordPress users have been using. Now we’re going to see how we can disable Gutenberg totally in order to get back to our classic editors.

Please note that there is no harm or effect in this tutorial as we’ve tested and we are currently using the classic editors.

How to Switch Back From Gutenberg to Classic Editors On WordPress 5

Thanks to WordPress plugins which serve as a moving system aiding WordPress. With WordPress plugins, everything can be made possible on WordPress no matter the version of WordPress.

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Step 1: Navigate and Login to your WordPress dashboard as an administrator of the site.

Step 2: Now locate your plugin area and open. On the search area, enter the keyword “Classic Editors” for it to fetch the plugin for you.


You can alternatively make use of this link below to download the classic editors from WordPress site and the upload as zip file under your plugins section.

Link: Download WordPress Classic Editor.

Step 3: Finally go to Settings >> Writing for us to get the best out of our classic editors.
You can also choose to keep both the Classic and Gutenberg editors. After changing the settings, hit the Save Changes button near the bottom of the page.

Now you can create new posts using the Classic Editor. 

It is quite cool to have the Gutenberg editor but not all are ok with it, that was why we made this post for them to see how to get their normal classic editors back.

We are not in any way against the use of Gutenberg or painting Gutenberg not fitting to serve WordPress users, but we are actually making alternatives for those who prefer other editors to Gutenberg.

Have a blissful day!!!!

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