How To Top Up Namecheap Account Balance Using Bitcoin

Namecheap accepts different payment method which includes the use of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Dwallo (Which is only available for USA residents) and bitcoin. Each payment method has a specified minimum amount which can be used to fund your account. Like for payment or top up using Visa & MasterCard, minimum top up is $5 while for Bitcoin and PayPal, minimum is $0.01. 

Payment using Bitcoin is very fast and reliable because your account gets funded immediately once payment is processed. 

How To Pay/Top-Up Namecheap Account Using Bitcoin.

Step 1) Top Up Your NameCheap Account.

Click top up your account to add money to your namecheap account.

Step 2) Select Pay With Bitcoin

Now select the bitcoin option for payment.

Step 3) Enter The Amount You Want To Add To Your Account.

So using Namecheap is just like loading a prepaid phone card. You just enter the amount of money you want to add to your account, and then click the “Go To BitPay” button to pay by bitcoin.

Step 4) Send The Bitcoin

Before sending your payment, remember to add your email address for any issue regarding your payments.
Now we send the bitcoin to the specified address and when BitPay receives it the page will refresh and display a confirmation. This happened in almost real time and took under a minute. Or you can decide to open in Wallet or scan QR code for easy payment.

Step 5) Return To Namecheap To Finish Your Business

Once the confirmation window opens, just click the big blue button that reads “Continue to Namecheap” to either pay your bill or register a new domain. It really is that easy and I had no problems at all this time.

Step 6) Download Invoice & Finish Up Your Business.

When you return to Namecheap you have an option to download a paid invoice in PDF format. Once you have your receipt either pay your bill or register a domain. Basically you handle your business and you are done. Namecheap makes it really easy to use bitcoin through BitPay.
Share your experiences below or any issue you encountered while trying to top up using this method

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  • so you “Step 4) Send The Bitcoin”
    is wrong, there is NO BITCOIN ADDRESS where we can send BTC etc …

    and thats what I was looking for , maybe you can try doing it yourself once ? and fix it


    • It is not wrong. It is either you don’t understand the post or you missed the steps totally. Even the screenshots provided were done while I was funding my account. Click on bitcoin first and then enter how much you wish to fund. It’ll be automatically move you to your btc wallet to proceed payments or give you a bar code to scan. This payment method is integrated and very easy to use.

      Try it again

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