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Increase Ad Revenue Instantly With Sulvo Ads

80% of Bloggers make use of Google AdSense for monetization on their respective blogs. But the truth about adsense is that you can’t just create ads unit, place them on your site and expect to make millions of dollars. Some others battle with low cpc and that is the main reason bloggers try to target top Legion countries like USA, UK, Brazil and others you too can recall.

Unfortunately, countries like Nigeria India, Pakistan, and some part of Asia countries are all victim to low cpc.

Yes it is very heart disturbing after making thousands of traffic with zero adsense earnings. Most people who get good traffic with less CTR try CPM ads. Now, bloggers worldwide always search about best adsense alternative which they’ll make money from even with low/less traffic.

Today, I’ll be talking about Sulvo Ads. Probably some might have heard about it, used it and are still using it.

After much research and trial, I can say that Sulvo Ads is pretty good and inpressive. And that is what am also using together with m Google Adsense on other blogs out there.

Now, lets take a walk to the Country of Sulvo….

About Sulvo Ads

Sulvo ads is another Adsense best alternative which can be used by those who currently find it difficult to make money from their current ads network.

Sulvo ads gives great assurance to publishers who don’t or can’t earn a penny from them by saying they’ll pay you $500 if you don’t earn anything. Funny isn’t it? But that is to show you the seriousness of Sulvo Ads Network.

Sulvo has basically a CPM based ad network which pays for the ad impression. Although they have now started showing click metrics in stats (CTR), the ad impression is the primary thing they consider. Imagine! an ads network which pays you even there was no click on the ads?

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Why You Should Pick Sulvo Ads for Monetization

• High eCPM:
You’ll see or get High eCPM on your Sulvo ads if you are getting good traffic. So if you are getting good traffic, your earning will increase even if your visitors are not clicking on the ads.

• Options to Responsive ads:
Sulvo gives you the option for responsive ads. So, your website will still be user-friendly even on mobile devices. Ads will not ruin the user experience.

• Friendly with Other Ads network:
If you are also using Adsense along with it, you can put 5 units in combined including sulvo and Adsense.
It also allows you to put 1 sticky ad unit per page. This is not possible with AdSense.

• Timely Payout:
Sulvo ads pay you once you have accumulated $100 as threshold. Their payments is similar to other ads network but payments are made through paypal/bank wire.


• Responsive ads
• High eCPM
• Timely Payouts


• Only sites with high traffic are approved by Sulvo ads.

* Sulvo ads cannot be used with other ads network except Google Adsense. If you are thinking of an adsense alternative, go for Sulvo ads provided you have high traffic.

* Putting ads after contents will yeild low eCPM so I highly recommend you place the ads above contents to get good and high eCPM.

Now you’ve known about Sulvo ads, what is left? Just apply for Sulvo Ads network if you think your site is eligible or ready to be approved by sulvo ads.

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I hope you find this article helpful. If you have anything ask, you can make use of the comment section or simply, Chat me up on messenger below.

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