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Increase Namecheap Affiliate Sales With Namecheap Domain Search Widget

Namecheap, one of the most reliable web hosting company is calling on each and every member, including affiliates to make use of the newly launched special tool which will help increase affiliate sales.

Now, we’ll be talking about the namecheap domain search widget for websites and blogs. With this widget properly installed on your blogs or websites, one can order for a domain or select a preferred domain name straight from your website.

The question now is, Will You Gain Anything in return? Or will the person just make his search and leave? The answer is straight which is Yes, you earn commission because the widget integration will have your affiliate Id attached to it.

Before we talk about how to integrate the domain name search widget to your blogs and websites, you must have an affiliate account with namecheap. Remember, the old namecheap affiliate won’t convert sales for you. So simply just activate your main affiliate account by visiting, then select your preferred affiliate platform used by namecheap.

The available affiliate platform used by namecheap includes:
• Impact Radius
• Commission Junction
• ShareASale

All platforms are the same since they give same commission and better still managed by namecheap. But there is a slight difference interms of payment methods and I’ll show you below.

• Impact Radius:
Impact Radius has the following options for payment: Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal, ACH/Wire Transfer, Check. In regard to minimums, this is the equivalent of $50 USD(for all payment options), for example GBP is £40.

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• Commission Junction:
Currently CJ does not offer payment to your PayPal account or credit card account, such as VISA or American Express. But they accept and send payments through Payoneer which you can send then to your account (local account)

• ShareASale:
ShareASale offers payment via check sent by mail or by FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer for any areas that do not currently offer other direct deposit options.

All payment threshold is $50 for all platforms.

So you can choose your own preferred platform which you’ll like to use.

But note that those are third-party affiliate platforms namecheap works with. 

Affiliate program is a form of online marketing. The sponsoring website (merchant) provides rewards to participating websites (affiliates) for driving sales to namecheap.This is typically done by including display advertisements (banners) or text links provided by merchant on the websites of affiliates.

Performance of the advertisements is monitored and affiliates are rewarded for the first sales made by their referrals. The most common forms of affiliate programs are pay-per-lead and pay-per sale. Namecheap Affiliate Program is pay-per-sale one.

Below are instructions on how to install the domain search widget for each of the three affiliate platforms: Impact Radius, ShareASale, and Commission Junction.

• Navigate to the domain name search widget using this link:

• Choose your namecheap affiliate platform activated earlier, followed by your namecheap affiliate id. Then click on generate code.

• The next page will require you to pick your widget size, Colour and type. So make a nice and cool choice which will attract people to use it.

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• Save and copy the given code.

How to Implement the Widget Code on WordPress

• Navigate to your WordPress admin area.

• Select Appearance >> Widgets >> Text and then paste the copied code and save
Visit your blog and ses the domain name search widget displaying.

How to Implement the Widget Code om Blogger

• Navigate to your blogger dashboard

• Select Layout >> select any add gadget (based on where you want it to appear) >> Html/Javascript option

Then paste the code and save.

That’s all. Remember to share the post for others to learn and don’t forget to comment if you have any question or suggestion.

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