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Journey of Digital Marketing From Traditional to Digital

When you can reach global then why only go for local? This is one of the main differences between traditional and digital marketing i.e. reaching globally or locally.

The two types of marketing namely Traditional and Digital marketing are just two ways one wishes to market their business. It can be put as Before Internet and After Internet.

Traditional marketing is the first form of marketing which businesses have been practicing since ages. It is still a mystery when and how marketing started. Researchers have found that the first marketing strategy ever implemented was naming products to create a brand. Traditional marketing includes advertising, branding, billboards etc. It was very effective type of marketing but as internet hit people’s life, it changed.

As usage of internet increased around the world, marketers found a new way to market digitally and make the whole world as their potential market. Since 2000s, the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing has changed. This is now called as Digital Marketing. As traditional market could reach only local customers, digital marketing allows businesses to have global reach for customers.

These two types of marketing are basically same, but just use different modes for advertising. Yes, traditional marketing is now being used less, but it cannot be eradicated completely from being practiced. In fact, these marketing strategies can be seen as two side Of a coin.

Moreover, people who are looking for a career opportunity in this field can find lakhs of jobs as lots of Digital Marketing Agencies have been set up in almost all the cities in India. It will be easy for one to start a career in digital marketing if he/she has a degree or certificate in this field. There are many MBA Colleges in Delhi which offers MBA with the Digital Marketing Specialization.

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Future of Digital Marketing

It is a fact that almost all businesses in the future must include digital strategies in their marketing activities.

Everyday various companies are accepting the fact that digital marketing is very essential and is not an optional strategy in marketing anymore. Moreover, as compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is one of the most affordable media to promote a business. Apart from that, a prediction has been made that the revenue generating from digital classifieds is going to be five times more than it was in 2015.

Digital Marketing will continue to be as the most powerful way of marketing in the future. As this field is growing, the career opportunities have also increased in this field. There are number of courses introduced from certificate to postgraduate level. As it is a vast field, there are number of career paths in it. One can apply for MBA in Digital Marketing by appearing for any one of the competitive exams such as CAT 2018 exam. Following are the digital marketing positions which one can choose from:

• Digital Marketing Manager

• Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

• Search Engine Marketers

• SEO Executives

• Web Developers

• Content Marketing Manager

• Content Writers

• Inbound Marketing Manager

• Conversion Rate Optimizer

• Copy Writers

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