LongTail Keywords, What It Is and Why It Matters

Are you still suffering from poor traffic, poor rankings and little or no $$$??? Then am sure this post is for you, yes you. You can easily increase everything on your blog/site after taking your time to read this post.

Today, we are going to take a look at LongTail Keywords and why it really matters when it comes to seo and its related services.

LongTail just like the name means keywords/words that contains 3 or more words in it. People nowadays when searching for anything in Google make use of longtail keywords to get what they nred easily and quickly. Webmasters too now are targeting such keywords.

If you aren’t taking advantage of longtail search in your seo strategies, you are really missing out on a key source of traffic from search engines.

Heads-up:LongTail Keywords = Organic Traffic

Actually, making use of long tail keyword makes your site rank very fast and guess what, Organic traffic follows. Here is an example of a LongTail Keyword we used to outrank so many of our competitors in just 3 days after making our blog post; “How to increase namecheap affiliate sales”. [You can perform the search and see for yourself]…

So back to our longtail keyword research, by making use of longtail keywords, however, the traffic you’ll receive will be better quality.

The visitors that land on your site based on a long tail search query are more likely to find what they need because their search term was so specific.

Heads-up:LongTail Keywords = Less Competition.

It is quite unfortunate that many bloggers out there still focus on highly competitive keywords. Optimizing your site with longtail keywords will reduce the competition and also increase your search traffic.

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You can be as specific as you need to be in order to drive massive traffic to your site based on these longer search terms, and you’ll find that you aren’t competing as much for this kind of traffic.

Targeting LongTail Keywords/Searches

I’ll still use the example of my longtail keywords to show you what I really tried out and it worked, applied it to other blog posts and boom my rankings increased without delay.

So, Some weeks ago I decided to put up some posts about Namecheap affiliate marketing and how to increase sales too in namecheap affiliate, using longtail keywords in it. I was aware that most bloggers already made such posts long ago on their different blogs and all must have used the keyword, “Namecheap affiliate, how to make money with namecheap affiliate”. So I decided to make my own keyword to be in a longtail form. I used about 3 longtail keywords but am going to disclose only one to you which is, “How to increase namecheap affiliate sales”.

Guess what happened, boom I was on first page after google indexed my post and interestingly I was on number spot on google, outranking all those who made the posts long ago.

I tried searching other keywords and still I was on first page number 1 on google. Wow!! Longtail keywords are great. 3 Long tail keywords making first page and not only that, on number one spot.

Some might wonder what made me use such long tail keywords, remember humans are making using of google searches and not robots. One can easily join an affiliate marketing but won’t make any sales through his/her referral link, so he or she will have no other option than to search for how or ways to increase sales in affiliate marketing.

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Interesting huh!

But bear in mind that when making use of these longtail keywords, make sure your post also covers 30 to 50% of what you used as your keyword so as to keep your readers glued to your post.

The goodnews still remains that the 3 keywords are still on number 1 spot and on page 1 of google (1/1)…

Heads-up:LongTail Keywords = More $$$$$$

Focusing On LongTail Keywords

The majority of searches performed are of the longtail search variety. Rather than typing in a generic word or two and sifting through pages of results to find what they’re looking for, searchers are much more likely to type in longer phrases to immediately find the specific information they need.

By integrating long tail search keywords, you are much more likely to draw more targeted traffic and rank higher for difficult keywords.

If you’re looking for more and better quality traffic; the dream of encountering less competition and desire to rank higher for difficult keywords, you should start focusing on long tail search and the benefits it can bring to your site.

Summary of Why LongTail Keywords Matters
• More Organic Traffic
• More Rankings
• Less Competition
• More $$$$$

Target LongTail Keywords today and watch search engines push traffic to you.

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