Magnet High AdSense Paying CPC Keywords Using Semrush

The use of keyword research is a stepping stone to success in blogging. Most people feel lazy about it but the worth of keyword research is breath taking…

Moreover targeting high adsense paying cpc is way cool. But the issue is where to find such high paying cpc. Today, am going to teach you some tricks I applied using Semrush in magneting High Adsense paying CPC.

The secret out there about high earning bloggers make use of 20% to 40% Keywords to get what they want.

What is Semrush?

SEMRush is a program many new and older bloggers are using to optimize their sites, create the content their audience wants and create a better experience for their visitors. Semrush is no free tool but you can still get a 14day trial on Semrush. Blogging was made easy for me after I opted in for Semrush tool. It is worth having.

Now am glad I know what to write to drive traffic to my blog. How to build backlinks to beat my competitor and rank higher in Google search. And in this article, I will also share a powerful tutorial you can’t get for free elsewhere, and that is how you can find high paying Adsense keywords quickly with semrush.

How To Find High Paying CPC Keywords Using Semrush

• The first step to take is to log on to Semrush account then enter your domain name like that shown below:

• Now on the area of Organic search, click on View Full Report.

• You can use the next button to view lists of available keyword, position, search volume, and CPC.

• Now, sort the table data with CPC(USD) column and here is what we are looking for.
You can find the highest cpc and lowest cpc there.

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Also, you can further filter these keywords using SEMRUSH tool. There is an advanced search option from where you can choose various options.

You can play with SEMRUSH tool in so many ways. I just gave you a little one and continue your research as long as possible.

So finally you can come up with your golden Adsense keyword using Semrush. The best way to use the keyword is by starting a micro niche website, compared to multi-niche website.

Enjoy Semrush Tool

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