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Make Money Online Using Mining App

Shorte, a link shrinking site which pays you per view of any link you shrunked. Now shorte is expanding its way of generating revenue for online geeks. And this can easily be done using your PC.

Shorte has launched its miner app for PC which will enable anyone generate income right from their home.

How To Get Started.
Downloading The App
The application is meant for PC, so it should be downloaded and installed using this Link.
√ Does not overclock the CPU and GPU
√ Does not burden the PC
√ Virus Free

Open The Application And Run
After downloading and installing the shorte app, open and run the application. Please click on the benchmark button immediately you opened the app for optimization of earnings.
The app is automatically connected to your shorte account so there is no need of changing your login details, all that is need is to visit your shorte account and acquire your API TOKEN which is found under tools-mining application section.

Select Start And Generate Your Bucks
After the benchmark is done, all you have to do is to hit the Start button and watch how money is made. You can check your stats in Statistics section.

Your money will be sent to you with PayPal, Payoneer or Webmoney on 10th day of each month.  Please make sure you have filled all the needed details in your profile.

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