How to Manage Multiple WordPress Site From a Single DashBoard

Frankly speaking, managing so many WordPress site is very disturbing and hectic to say. It requires you moving from one dashboard to another in order to carry our a given task.

Fortunately, things can be made easier for you right now. You can simply and comfortably manage all your WordPress sites on a single dashboard. The question now is how can one do that? How possible is this? Are there some tools involved in carrying out these? Be rest assured that all your questions will be answered in this blog post.

There are some tools which can help you do that in WordPress. We owe it to the plugins both free and paid ones made available for all WordPress users. These plugins can help you with day to day management functions.

Tools Used In Managing Multiple WordPress sites

We are going to make a list of these tools which can help you do that, but you’ll be selective based on your choice.

Also, you’ll need to sign up for a free/ paid account to have access to services, support or add-ons.


ManageWP follows the freemium model – all the core features are available for free in a basic plugin and additional functions are bundled into premium add-ons. What’s nice, however, is the highly flexible pricing model (per month, per website) that ensures that you only need to pay for the features you use.

To use their service, sign up for a ManageWP account with your email and add your website.

Next, you’ll need to install the plugin on every website you add to the Admin panel in ManageWP. And once you launch your dashboard, you’ll find all the websites you add displayed there.


• Integrates with Google Analytics
• Customizable maintenance mode
• Performance checks, store and track results, and include them in client reports
• Real-time backups, cloning, and migration
• SEO ranking tool
• A safe updates option that lets you create restore points and roll back updates

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WP Remote:

Another plugin worth checking out is WP Remote. While it’s somewhat light on features, it’s a totally free solution to manage multiple WordPress websites. No premium add-ons, locked in features or subscriptions to pay for. While it may be a great option for some users, you may be forced to skip this one if it’s missing any specific feature that’s important to you.

From an easy-to-use interface, you can update WordPress with a single click and back it up as well.


• User-friendly interface
• Performance checks, analytics, maintenance mode
• Download a snapshot of your site

Aside from these features, the service uses an API to manage your sites. This added security measure means you can access your site without needing login credentials. WP Remote may just be the answer if you’re on a budget and looking for a simple plugin to easily manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.


Yet another plugin worth checking out to manage multiple WordPress websites is InfiniteWP. It adopts a freemium model. Unfortunately, most of the functionality is locked in premium add-ons. What’s different about this plugin is that it requires you to install the software on your server. Effectively, this means no third party has access to your data.

The dashboard offers you a bird’s eye view of all your sites. Simply by hovering over each site, you can view details like backup, updates, WordPress version and more.

Other Tools Includes

• Jetpack Manage
• CMS Commander
• IControl WP
• WP Pipeline
• Main WP

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By using one of these plugins to manage multiple WordPress websites, you’ll be able to work more productively and free up time to do fun stuff – like creating enough content!

Now over to you – do you have any favorite plugin to manage multiple WordPress websites?

Can you kindly share with us?

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