Mistake Beginners Make When Building Backlinks

No matter when someone starts becoming an expert in SEO, they were once a beginner at building backlinks, and they could have done one or all of the major backlink mistakes. Placing links isn’t the most difficult thing to do, you just need a small line of HTML code that creates a hyperlink when placed on a website, which is what a backlink is. It’s not difficult to learn how to make this code and place it, but it is very easy to screw this up and not be in the good graces of Google and the other search engines.

Placing backlinks isn’t a difficult thing to do, but it is extremely easy to screw up your rankings if you do the following 5 mistakes as a beginner.

Quantity does not trump quality

It could be tempting to build a bunch of backlinks using software, but I urge you to avoid doing this for your website. You’re only going to create thousands of low quality backlinks aimed at your website, and that’s never a good thing when it comes to rankings.

A good backlink will take some time to acquire, because it will be more difficult to get than firing up some SEO software and inputting your criteria to get backlinks. You will need to invest some time into finding the links, then building up your profile on those websites, and finally placing a link after you are not seen as a newbie on the website. If you make an account and instantly place a link within content or just a basic hyperlink, you will get banned quicker than you can see the link go live.

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SEO is a slow process, don’t rush it

People all the time will begin to rush their SEO and backlinking because their rankings aren’t moving as fast as they want them to. If your rankings aren’t jumping to the top of the search results, don’t increase the amount of backlinks you’re building, increase the quality of backlinks you build and get on various platforms to build your presence.

SEO is more than just boosting your rankings through backlinking, you need to build up your brand and people will begin to help you build links naturally by sharing your pages

You’re using too many anchors

Anchors are the words that are turned into links, which you’ll be placing if you want to boost your rankings within Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. If you build 1,000 links over the course of a year, and each link is using a different anchor, you’re using too many anchors. You’ll need to focus on a dozen anchors, as well as use your basic URL as an anchor and even place your URL without a hyperlink. Google and the other search engines see everything that’s out there, and a more natural link campaign will use varied anchors.

Think about it, how many times do you think people will know how to build a hyperlink? Only the ones placing them for their own websites and the people who have access to a text editor prior to posting lol. So, if you place just common URLs, with and without html code to create a link, you will be building a more natural link profile and the search engines won’t be able to tell you’re doing it yourself.

You’re only getting dofollow backlinks

New website owners will quickly figure out that you need dofollow links in order to boost your rankings, then they will only place dofollow links. This is extremely unnatural because not every website or platform allows dofollow, then in fact make their platforms nofollow to avoid spammers that are only there to boost their rankings through getting a backlink on their website.

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Adding some nofollow backlinks into your link profile will make everything look more natural since strangers won’t care if you get a nofollow or dofollow link, they will just share to let everyone know what your site is

You’re only using software to build your links

Please don’t do this, because you’ll only hurt your rankings in a short amount of time. You might boost your rankings for a short amount of time, but your rankings won’t stay there for long after the search engines begin to find all the software created links. I myself had used software a long time ago to build links for my own websites, and quickly stopped after I noticed they didn’t do much, because I didn’t want to damage my websites more than I already had.

Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to SEO and backlinking, take your time and it will benefit you greatly.


New webmasters and people who just started placing links for their websites will usually do at least one of these mistakes I mentioned above. If you are doing more than one of these, you need to stop immediately and fix your problems before they compile. If you’re doing all of these, well you might want to just start over completely with a new domain and hosting account, because it will be tough to back pedal after all this bad work. Take your time when it comes to link building and you’ll be glad you did

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