Mobile First Indexing: All You Need To Know About Mobile First Indexing

It is no surprise that mobile traffic is now the leader of traffics we get to our different blogs and websites. Today’s post will cover what is mobile first Indexing and how to your site ready for mobile first indexing.

So let’s ride:

According to research, more traffic come from smartphones, tablets and mini pads and this has made Google place a huge role on mobile. Mobile-first indexing crawls the mobile version of your site first, rather than the desktop version. 

Google uses that to determine the rankings for mobile followed by desktop. When people hear of mobile first indexing, it sounds like the world is already ending but not knowing that Google is trying to use such opportunity to increase rankings on mobile then backed up with desktop.

Desktop is no longer of high priority unlike before because the use of mobile by a lot of people have exploded. Some website(s) mobile first indexing have been enabled by Google automatically while some are still yet to be enabled. But if you happen to fall into the still-to-be enabled mobile first indexing, don’t worry as this post covers what to do to get your site ready for that.

Well, before that let’s talk more about mobile first indexing…

Now this is where responsive and unfriendly site come in. Sites which are responsive have a big impact on SEO and in turn can increase your rankings. Why not consider making the switch to a mobile-responsive site to prepare yourself for Google’s mobile-first index (first great step to take).

You are missing much if you site is not yet enabled for mobile first indexing

Now let’s look into the next question you might be pondering over and that is,”How to get your site ready for Mobile First Indexing “.

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How to Get Your Site Ready For Mobile First Indexing

Now you’ve known the great benefit gotten from mobile first indexing rolled out by Google which includes increase in rankings. Now let’s break down of the things you need in order to get your site ready for mobile first indexing;

Get a Good Mobile Version Of Your Site
Many website owners disabled the mobile version of their site. If you happen to fall under this category, why not change your thinking and enable the mobile version of your site. Just like mentioned earlier, mobile versions are indexed first before the desktop Version and by the time it get to you using no mobile version, you might lose out in ranking.

You can get a mobile version of your site in so many ways. You can convert your current desktop version to a mobile version, or you can decide to get a separate mobile version for your site but all the same, the point it have a mobile Version for your site.

Remove All Possible Site Failures
You need to improve the experience of those who are using mobile to visit your site. There are things needed for you to do which includes;

• Compressing Images
• Size of files you upload should be decreased or compressed too
• Make sure you are using a much better host for your sites

Allow Googlebot To Access Mobile Version Of your Sites
This is also among the most important step to carry out. Make sure Googlebot can crawl, access and index the mobile version of your site.

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Other Things To Carry Out Viz:
• Add more contents
• Improve Content Formatting
• Make use of AMP (not really vital but you can use it as it helps to increase the index rate of mobile)

How to Know If You Site is Being Moved to Mobile First Indexing

Now this is another big question webmasters are willing to know. Interestingly, if your site moves to Mobile first indexing Google will notify you by means of mail.

But what if you weren’t notified by Google?

Well to know if you site is still enabled, it is easy.

Now navigate to your webmaster tools.

Click on Performance and Switch to Devices.

If the number of impressions and clicks from Mobile keeps increasing day by day, just know that your site is enabled.

Now, the next is,”How to Monitor your Site”.

How to Monitor Your Site’s Move to Google’s Mobile-First Index

There are three major ways and most recommended which are;
• Monitoring changes in your mobile rankings
• Analyzing Bot Activity
• Accessing search performance

How to do it;
• Monitoring Changes in Rankings
To monitor your changes in rankings, there are two tools to help you achieve that and they are;
√ Google Analytics
√ Google Webmaster Tools.

Now the most recommended tool here is Google Analytics.

Simply on your analytics dashboard, select Audience >>> Mobile Overview and then watch how your stats look like.

• Analyze Bot Activity
Now to analyze your bot activity, we’ll be needing our webmaster tools here (search console).

On your console dashboard, navigate to Crawl Stats report (websites).

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The Crawl Stats report (for websites only) provides information on Googlebot’s activity on your site for the last 90 days. These stats take into account all content types that we download (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PDF files, and images).

• Accessing Search Performance
Search performance can easily be accessed with Webmaster tools.

Now navigate to your webmaster tools.

Click on Performance and Switch to Devices.

If the number of impressions and clicks from Mobile keeps increasing day by day, just know that your site is enabled.

For Google Analytics
Click on Acquisition >>> Search Overview and then toggle the filter to Mobile Searches.

That’s all…

Get your mobile site up to date with your desktop content and ensure that you always update your mobile site accordingly. Utilize the Test My Site tool to consistently improve on lagging features from content and text readability to page speed.

Don’t forget to drop your questions or comments below.

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