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Monetize Your WordPress Blogs Using WordAds

Hey! We’ll be looking at WordPress monetization now. Before I ride on, I’ll make it official that this monetization is only meant for those running their blogs on WordPress and not blogger or someother CMS, but not just only self-hosted WordPress blogs, free blogs are welcomed to this ads network introduced by WordPress itself.

Those who are new to blogging, those waiting for adsense approval and those who are looking for ways to monetize their WordPress blogs are welcomed.

It is quite unforntunate that Adsense ads and some other ads network do not work on blogs but on custom domain sites. Some are now wondering or confused about what makes and blogs different. Well I was once confused but am going to show you the difference between blogs and sites. is a free platform which is easy for anyone to start a blog instantly but this comes with limitations.
This is also known as self hosted blogs where you host your blog on your own server. It requires a bit of skills to get your site up and running and the advantage here is; there is no limitations here unlike

So I’ll gladly advise you to have a self hosted blogs, and if you find it difficult to setup, use the messenger icon on your right bottom of your screen to chat me up and I’ll get to you.

So over to what we have for today; the ads which we’ll use for our blog ( & monetization is know as WordAds.

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Am quite sure that you know for any ads network to approve your application, 3 things are needed which are: Good Traffic, Quality Posts and A Well Designed Blog. Same is applicable to WordAds. To be approved by WordAds, you need to work om your traffic, posts and your blog layout (Design).

Getting Started With WordAds:

The guides below will show you how to monetize your blogs (WordPress) with WordAds.

• Now assuming you all have your blogs readily designed with unique posts, now work on your traffic. Traffic is the main deed you’ll need on WordAds approval.

• When you’ve passed step one above, navigate to WordsAds SignUp Page to sign up.

• You’ll see lists of your blogs eligible for WordAds just like that below:

• Now enter your country, and add paypal email address because all payments are processed through paypal and then click on submit.

Just relax patiently for approval.

Things to Know About WordAds:

• WordAds pays you per impression and not by clicks, so the more traffic you get the more you earn. And for you to see your earnings so far, you check out your earnings tab or dashboard.

• You need to earn minimum of $100 to get paid and payment mode is PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal Id, create one for free or use the messenger button to hook me up if you need a fully verified paypal account.

• By saying blogs, we mean free blogs created on but are linked to a custom domain. So that will only grant you the access to use WordAds.

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• You must be the owner of the blog

• Blogs must be set to public and not private.

• Earnings are processed monthly.

So since WordAds pays per impression and not clicks, traffic from top countries will fetch you great earnings on wordads. Try as much as you can to target countries like US, UK or Brazil.

WordAds works perfectly with Google Adsense and other ads which you’ll wish to use it with.
Remember, WordAds is meant for WordPress Users only.

What are you waiting for, try out wordsads if your blog is built on WordPress…
Any question or comment can be dropped using the comment section or messenger button.

Happy earnings.

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