Niche Blogging Ideas 2019

Niche blogging, niche blogging, niche blogging. This is always a hard to do exercise especially for bloggers looking for niche blogging ideas they can venture into.

There are so many niche blogging ideas one can easily start without stress and then find pleasure in them.

But before we start listing them, we’d actually tell you what niche blogging means, advantages/disadvantages of niche blogging and also numerous niche blogging ideas you can venture into.

What Is Niche Blogging

Niche blogging involves creating a blog which will mainly emphasize on a particular topic.

Niche blogging at times are called Specified Blogging. There is nothing really special about niche blogging as you can monetize it like any other blogs out there.

Advantages Of Niche Blogging

• Niche blogging helps you target the minimum set of targeted audience. You can develop a list of loyal audience based on your blog and the niche it caters to.

• Now that you are dealing with a single niche, advertisers who have a product or service to sell in the particular niche will definitely come to you.

• Search engines will look for the content on the entire blog, and when it finds that site has relevant content in a single niche, it will go as a positive point in your favor.

• You blog at your own time.

• Little capital is needed to start up a niche blog

• Post creation is not forcefully done, but it is done whenever you feel like

Disadvantages of Niche Blogging

• Sometimes your blog will lack content and as a result, content fatigue will emerge.

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• Sometimes you get tired of blogging or posting.

• Laziness always set in when in comes to promotion of your content or posts.

So we’ve known what niche blogging is and the advantages and disadvantages of niche blogging, what about niche blogging ideas?

Well below are some of the niche blogging ideas of 2019 you can easily start and work towards growing it:

• Recipes
• How tos guide
• Beginners Guide
• Interviews
• Personal stories
• Product reviews
• News
• Entertainment
• Lifestyle
• Fashion
• Advice Guides
• Relationship Guides
• Troubleshooting
• Travel Guides
• Upcoming events
• Technology
• Freebies
• Coupon Codes
• Infographics
• Health & Fitness
• Blogging Tutorials and SEO
• Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing


There are so many niche blogging ideas you can start with this 2019 but above, few were mentioned. You can pick one you have interest and passion for and then work towards achieving your goal.

Niche blogging ideas are so much and more will continue to come up as long as blogging lives.

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