One Signal New Features And Pricing

One signal is a tool just like push engage. Whenever one subscribes, an automatic update would be sent to the person whenever your blog is being updated.

Now one signal comes with more features which makes it pretty interesting and worth having. This new feature includes the self service feature. This post will cover the self service feature and its pricing.

Now you can unlock the benefits of OneSignal’s Starter Plan – faster notification delivery, superior support, ironclad data protections – all with just a few simple clicks. You’ll get powerful enterprise features without the rigamarole.

At OneSignal, their goal is to save you time so you can focus on building awesome apps and websites. With that in mind, new functionalities are announced.

Features and Details

Self Service:
Self-Service  makes it easy to upgrade and unlock enterprise features. Starting at $99/mo you can send unlimited notifications to 30K subscribers. All of your data is protected and you get prioritized support.

Improvements to Web Push SDK:
Now allow for smaller file sizes and faster loading. Also added Safari 12 compatibility.

Message Search Feature:
Message Search allows you to search sent and scheduled messages from the dashboard. You can now filter by date / time and device type.

Automated Messages Now 400× Faster:
When one of your users enters a segment, they receive notifications almost immediately thanks to a 400x speed improvement. This unlocks exciting opportunities – for example, you can send a push notification to a user a few minutes after they abandon a cart or enter a store location.

Organizations Feature makes it easy to manage multiple apps and saves you money. Now you can group apps under an organization and pay for a single OneSignal account.

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Improved API Functionality:
Improved API Functionality allows you to differentiate URLs for web and mobile apps within a single notification

Campaign Performance Using Message Export :
Now you can pull data into other platforms for reporting and analysis. Search by notification text, date range, or channel through which a notification was sent (API, dashboard). Get the results – up to 1,000,000 rows – in your email inbox. Export detailed data to analyze offline and run even better campaigns.Collectively, these product updates mean you can spend more time building incredible products and less time worrying about billing, organization, and performance reporting.

Other New Features

Android Studio 3.3 Beta Support
Official iOS 12 Support is Available


Some are already making use of the free version of One signal tool. Why not give this other new feature a try. Simply click on the upgrade button on your one signal dashboard and select order, then pay with your PayPal, or Credit Card.

Are you making use of this new feature? What’s your pick about this new feature? Share them with us.

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