How to Protect Your WordPress Site From Fake Traffic

Site protection is one of the basic thing a blogger must do especially when it comes to traffic. Since our website is online, we are all prone to receiving fake traffic sent by other bloggers who wish to see your downfall. Hopefully, we can now secure our WordPress site from traffic but before we dive into how to do it, let’s do some analysis….

What Is/Are Fake Traffic

Fake traffic is simply a simulation, it is a black hat technique that allow you to generate traffic to your blog, but this traffic is not real. This means it is generated by a bot or a software, or sometimes humans are involved, thus no conversion. The reason is to game the statistics, and show that you are getting a lot of traffic.
So, We hope you understand the fact that Fake Traffic is something you really do not want to get on your blog.

More so, Black hat tools used in such attacks usually use OLEs/OCX objects to enable certain functionality in their tools. In Windows that is Internet Explorer APIs, the API will make http requests that will look like as if they were coming from an IE browser.

This could be a serious attack from one of your competitors who wants to hurt your blog reputation, of course if this happened to you, then no doubt you would like to know who is this competitor! But it is almost impossible to know, so do not waste your time on that, and focus on solving the problem and protecting your blog.

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How Fake Traffic Can Hurt Your Blog

  • Hijack your blog ranking in search engine.
  • Hurt your blog stats being showing fake results.
  • Disable your blog by exceeding your hosting bandwidth quota.
  • Disable your shared hosting account for extensive use of CPU resources.
  • Get your Google AdSense account suspended
  • Affect your business reputation and integrity.

And, moreā€¦

How To Filter & Be Safe From Fake Traffic

Thanks to WordPress and all possible plugins kept for WordPress users in order to enhance your site usage.

To protect yourself from fake traffic, you’ll need to install a lightweight plugin named Fake Traffic Blaster.
The Fake Traffic Blaster is a lightweight plugin that protects WordPress from fake traffic by redirecting suspicious visitors away from your blog.

You can simply install this plugin the normal way you did to the ones you have already and that is Dashboard >>>> Plugins >>>> Add New >>>> Search using keyword (Fake Traffic Blaster) >>>> Install & Activate.

Then visit the Plugin downloaded and set to your taste.
Now this plugin will always work, redirecting fake traffic to the url you wish to insert @ the settings of the plugin.

Stay Safe Online (SSO)
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