How to Resolve “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

In this article we will @ look how to resolve the “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.
There are a few different ways in troubleshooting.

First, we’ll have to know what the error means. What does the “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error mean?

This error shows inability of WordPress script to locate or to connect the database.

What causes this kind of error?

There are a few different causes. Let’s look each of them and recommend possible solutions.

• Due to incorrect connection parameters:
These parameters are located in the wp-config.php file. You can find it in the root folder of your WordPress installation. The credentials are database name, database user, and password. Check if they match the information, located in your cPanel or in case you remember database user and password, just reset them

If you forget them, it’s necessary to delete and recreate the database user. Use the password from the wp-config.php file. Now, refresh and check your site.

• Due to corrupted database tables:
Another reason for 343: “Error Establishing a Database Connection” could be corrupted database tables. You should check and repair them from the cPanel.

• Due to many concurrent database connections:
Too many connections can cause the 343 error, too. The default limit for most of servers is 30 connections at once. If this is your reason for the error, then stop it by enabling caching plugins on the website. Due to this setting the overall number of database interactions will be limited.

Finally, we should note that the 343 “Error Establishing a Database Connection” could be caused by other reasons such as logging out of WordPress admin dashboard when it’s out of use, disabling the WordPress auto save or limits of WordPress revisions.

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