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Secret To Making Continuous Cash On Fiverr

To make money online has become as easy as playing around with your hobby currently because much opportunities are coming up day by day.

But the fact still remains that not everyone will get it right to profit from what they love doing. But to get the best way to get the best out if what you love doing is standing out from the crowd.

Are you a seller on fiverr? Or you are just having the thought to give fiverr a trial by offering your skills and sell them as services on the platform?

I want to inform you that you’re missing a great deal by staying quite about Fiverr. Formally there was this apathy I developed for fiverr but after attending a wonderful seminar about fiverr, I fell in love with fiverr. You can just make this moment the best of your time to do what others are doing on fiverr that makes them smile to the bank every week.

Do you know you can earn $500+ in fiverr although the started fixed price is $5?

This is a tested strategy and it’s no magic evaluation. All that you need do is to be smarter and be strong.
There are some basic points you need to put into consideration while selling on fiverr if you want to make more.

1. Deliver on time.

Sellers that deliver their orders on time gets ranked automatically. Not only will you get the best rating from your clients, but also will you get jobs as fast as possible because fiverr themselves will push your Gig upfront as recommendation to potential buyers who search for related services you offer.

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2. Stay online always.

Most buyers look for sellers that can attend to them as fast as possible. It’s only when you’re online that you could get notified that you get a message. Without this, you might lose so many customers and eventually losing a lot of money to earn. Reply customers messages as fast as you can to get things settled with them before any other sellers do.

3. Use Fiverr Forum to Share your Gig.

A lot of extra jobs gotten from fiverr forum almost every day. Buyers do visit the forum frequently to see how sellers communicate among themselves. Through this, buyers check posts and communicate with sellers that offer what they need. You can post as many times as possible and visit the forum frequently.

4. Share your Gig on Social Media.

This is a general known method to reach potential buyers. Locate forums, Facebook pages and Groups that are related to what you offer. Share your Gig there to get more exposure. You can as well do some little promotion with small bulks to get targeted to buyers wherever they are.

5. Get more than one Gig.

On fiverr, you can get up to seven(7) different Gigs as a new seller. So, you have no limitations. You can open different Gigs in a particular niche. You can offer different services yet, you still revolve round the same niche. You just have to be smart enough to understand your niche by doing different services without affecting the others. You can as well open another Fiverr account. You just have to be smart too because Fiverr frowns at anyone that gets two accounts.

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6. Increase your Gig Price.

I have a friend that does the exact thing I do on Fiverr, yet he makes more money than I do every week. Most times I get more jobs than he gets, still he earn more than I earn. I know you’d love to know why. The answer isn’t far fetched. The only difference is that he offers his service at a higher rate. Something I do for $5 he does it for $10. You know, the difference is cleared, no doubt about that.

Despite the fact that I get more jobs than him because more extorting buyers tend to flow in by using cheap service to get their project done, he earns twice what I earn every week. He gets limited Orders but more Income. It was when I started increasing my pricing systematically, I was able to meet up. I didn’t change my pricing suddenly, rather I started including Extras in my gigs. With no time, I eventually changed my status totally.

Who knows maybe I might still be making the little bulks I believed in with much loads and efforts. But i did something different. This is what smartness means to me, I don’t know about you. Most times I make $200 in two weeks.

7. Supplement your Gig with Reviews.

Lastly, as seller you have to know the importance of reviews on your service. Reviews make your Gigs profitable. They make buyers to believe more on potential. Reviews make buyers to quickly trust their jobs with you. Buyers are human, therefore every human believes mostly in what they see. We believe in the power of sight.

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If you don’t get jobs very well, try to buy reviews from your fellow sellers to supplement your Gigs or from a buyer account if you can get that. You might make it more smart by creating a buyer’s account so that you can order straight from there to your account. You can give yourself a better review but don’t be too good to give yourself something that’s beyond reasonable. Just be smart and productive.

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