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The Ultimate Animation Guide For Newbies

In today’s business world usage of explainer videos in your business blogs and publications has become an essential part of improving the business blog.

These explainer videos not only enhance your blogs but they are also helpful in grabbing the attention of your target audience. Integrating a short and interactive explainer video in your blog will improve the quality of your blog.

That’s why most of the international business organizations and companies use explainer videos to explain the services and products offered by them.

The reason why animated explainer videos are preferred over written content is that most of the people are visual learners and about 90% of the information received, is transmitted to the brain in the form of visuals. The video content is proven to be more successful regarding lead conversion and generation.

Why Is Video Content Better?

Either you can create an animated explainer video on your own, or you can utilize the animation services of various animation studios and freelance video makers and animators.

Explainer videos are useful in conveying and informing your target audience about your offered services and manufactured goods and products. These animated explainer videos are quite influential when it comes to targeting the relevant audience. These 90 seconds short films are a powerful marketing tool.

There are numerous reasons for using video content in your business blogs, some of the well-known reasons are:

• Through animated videos, you can have the attention of your target audience for a more extended period in comparison to written content. It creates and develops their interest in your business blog or story. Animated videos are not widely used marketing tools. So by adapting top this unique marketing approach, you might be able to capture the attention of various relevant customers.

• Animated videos are not only interactive and fun to watch, but they also make complicated topics easy to understand.

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• It’s fun to watch animated characters and short films, even if those characters are talking and informing the viewers about a product or company.

• Animated videos are some of the most watched videos on the internet. So it as a marketing tool is not at all a bad decision. Most of the business videos on blogging sites are animated.

• Creating an animated video is budget-friendly and cost-effective. You don’t require loads of money to produce an animated explainer video.

What Are The Various Animation Styles?

Explainer videos are short but meaningful. It should not be longer than one and a half minute. There are hundreds of styles and variations in animation that most of the times it can be confusing and difficult to pick one. Animation services providers or studios often face this dilemma. Here we are not going to discuss hundreds of animation styles instead of a few widely-used and preferred animation styles, they are:

1. Whiteboard Animation:
It is one the classical style of animation. In other words, it is the traditional form of 2D animation. Most of the characters, background and the rest of the animation is done in black and white in whiteboard animation style. These videos are less expensive and are mostly created for corporate purposes. Its minimalistic style and design of animation keep the attention of viewers focused on the content of the video.

2. Motion Graphic Animation:
The name says it all, in this animation style the animator or illustrator uses motion graphics to convey and explain the message. These motion graphics are engaging and easily understood because of their flowy and fluid illustrations and graphics.

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3. Kinetic Typography Animation:
In these animated videos the message is conveyed and explained through words. This type of animation style is based on the use of numbers and textual content. It is a widely-preferred animation style when it comes to the explanation of an idea or business perspectives.

4. Cutout Animation:
In this animation style, the characters and other related objectives of the video are paper cutouts. No colorful animation is involved in this animation style. The audience has to listen to what is being conveyed and grab the message through the coupled audio.

5. Cartoon Animation:
These are the most fun-top-create animation videos. These videos are colorful, interactive, humorous and expressive — one of the best animation style to explain and tell your story to your target audience and customers.

6. Silhouette Animation:
In this animation style, the characters are in the form of silhouettes. It might sound boring and dull, but in this style, you can easily alter the expressions of the characters to improve the quality of your animation.


Animated videos are fun to make but making a poor decision about the script, and the animation style will not only cost you some money, but it will adversely affect your marketing strategy. So before coming up with any decision consider discussing your requirements and wants with your hired animator or animation studio or service provider.

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