Things To Consider Before Setting Up A Blog

It is not of a new thing that 2/3 of humans world wide wants to start or develop a blog, they do have Passion for it but all their passion die off when it comes to developing their blog. Most find it very difficult to set up their blogs. Others don’t just know which blogging platform or niche that would suit them. Actually in this post, we are going to show you how to set up a blog and what these terms do mean. Let’s ride:

Things To Consider Before Setting Up A Blog
  1. Blogging Niche
  2. Blogging Platform
  3. Domain Name
1. Blogging Niche:
By Blogging niche, we mean what you know about, and what you have passion for doing. Most people prefer a fashion blog to entertainment blog and vise versa. To be able to choose a comfortable blogging niche for yourself, take time to study and evaluate yourself on what you like and what you won’t get tired of doing.
2. Blogging Platform:
By Blogging platform, we are talking about either going for a wordpress platform, blogger, wix and joomla. But the two most outstanding platform used by 95% of bloggers are WordPress and Blogger. WordPress is a self hosted blog while blogger is on Google itself. All perform the same duty of blogging arena but with levels. One might ask which platform is the best? I’ll recommend a wordpress platform because of it’s dynamic design and features but when choosing a wordpress platform, bear in mind that since it is a self hosted blog, money used for maintenance will be quite high. But for those who are of less capital or those who would love a simple design can go for a blogger platform.
3. When it comes to domain name, we are also talking about choosing a suitable name which will be inline with your blog.
Now we’ve briefly explained some terms which you need to know before setting up a blog, how can you create one ?
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