Top Google Chrome Extensions For SEO Lovers

Extensions are programs that helps in increasing the browsing experience of users. They help users to tailor chrome functionality to preferences.

Current, many companies have developed different types of extensions for chrome so as to increase the users experience.

On the other hand, SEO also called Search Engine Optimizations are what helps one to display his or her site on giant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

For Seo lovers, there are different extensions developed inorder to increase the joy of seo. Below are top chrome seo extensions you need to have:

Keywords Everywhere (Keyword Tool)
This important tool helps you to know the instant search volume on Google. After the successful installation of this extension, you’ll get to see the search volumes, high CPC keywords and competitive keywords.

This is a very important extension because it helps to give a full seo report of any opened website. It gives deep seo report of any website or blog.

Another enjoyable tool for seo lovers. This tool displays the Alexa ranking of a site, Semrush, Google index, Bing index and so many others.

This tool also works like Seoquake. So they perform the same function. So it’s left for users to decide which they surely need. But we recommend SeoQuake because it is very easy to use and understand.

These are some of the list of seo extensions we can give. You can list more of which you use below.

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